The war begins

Today the Delhi High Court ruled in favour of a petition seeking decriminalization of homosexuality (filed by the Naz Foundation). It is a great victory, in the most conservative and ‘moralistic’ of countries, where less than 6 months ago a Hindu extremist group violently attacked people for just going to a pub.

However, the fight has just begun. Many battles are still to come, the big fight with the Hindu and other religious extrmists, laws to prevent discrimination at workplaces, recognition of same-sex partners as a family unit and that unit’s rights in Indian society, many more.

I am warmed to the core to be living in a time like this, when India is throwing away the shackles that prevent it from reaching its true place in the world order.

Will this be just a small step forward igniting and uniting religious leaders into regressive steps that will take India back to the Victorian Age (when Article 377 was formulated) or will it be the first of many baby steps, which will define the nature of the society India seeks to be, which it always been, the fount from which all the wisdom of the world flows, the one true cultural superpower remaking the world in its own multicultural, tolerant image?

Time will tell.


One Response to The war begins

  1. Sporadik says:

    I only wonder at what point of time these things started being frowned upon. Because I believe in ancient India, there were these and a lot many things in existence, which might be considered a scandal today. What kind of a crime is it to be a homosexual? This is indeed one big step.

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