The Perfect Moment Theory

A hypothesis, atleast, maybe.

There are many times in life, when I wonder about the meaning, purpose of life. When I think, whats the point of being born? Whats the point of living life the way I do? What is the answer to the question?

I guess humankind will never answer the question, but we will better our existence by striving to answer it.

Here is my pico contribution to that process. I am sure a lot of people who work at all the various jobs  in the world wonder whether they are really doing something useful. Wondering whether they are really happy.Wondering whether doing some other job, being someone else in some other organization will make them happier. Maybe its why people quit. I certainly think its why I quit..

Ruminating on these topics, and smoking some excellent weed, I stumbled upon a simple, but effective  theory to help people decide what they want to do with their life. Here it goes.

Have you ever had a perfect moment in your life? A moment where time stood still? A moment you thought you could live in forever? Or at least a long long, long time?

Seize that moment, dear reader! Whatever enabled that moment for you is what you should be doing with your life!

Now you must be thinking, thats not practical Scudie! We do things we dont like, so we have some time and barely enough money to do things we like! Its called spare time and middle class living!

To that I only say, you haven’t fulfilled your potential. Trust me, there is more where that analysis of life came from!

Once you find that one thing which enabled you to have a perfect moment and build your career and life around it, I believe you will find that the other things, the time, the money, everything will fall into place automatically.

Maybe this theory of mine has already been around in other forms for many years or decades. Never hurts to say these things again!

So, I will take leave of you now, dear reader, I need to find my perfect moment. It might be in the past even! Crap..


4 Responses to The Perfect Moment Theory

  1. chittz says:

    Yes, it has been said before.

    Nevertheless, no harm in being reminding people of it time and again.

    Keep writing.


  2. Sporadik says:

    Logical error in this sentence – It might be in the past even!

    If you had to find it, it could only be in the past.


  3. Vijaikrishna says:

    “Once you find that one thing which enabled you to have a perfect moment and build your career and life around it”

    The perfect moment takes years to come. I wanted to be an umpire in Cricket. It is the perfect moment for me. But it is not happening due to many reasons. I have dreamt about a picture moment 2 and working towards it. Great if I succeed, else I will go to Picture moment 3.

    • scudie says:

      Machi, my cousin is in infy da..he went to belgium on a project and somehow became an umpire while there.. y dont u ask him and then try to get into tht project? u could be an umpire in less than a year!!!!

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