Engineering was my second choice – Part 1

Vk recently wrote this post on choosing higher education options. I can relate to it so bad! Usually the poor students who finish their 12th in Tamil Nadu have blinkers tied to them and are led into the engineering horse race without fail. My story was a wee different!

The year I finished my 12th with the usual above-average-but-far-from-spectacular marks, was the year my mother’s Bhakti engine had gone into Overdrive. The months leading up to my 10th (passed out in 1996)had been chock-full of visits to perumal koils, donating twigs of exotic plants to farting pundits, personal aarti services with kartikeya, and the pleasing of all other sundry gods and goddesses who pepper the Hindu belief system. This was followed by consultation with the numerous saamiyars, astrologers and other assorted fortune tellers, including a  Kali mama, and an ex bank employee to whom Hanuman had started giving nightly darshans.

She finally came to her senses when the ex bank employee asked for a donation of Rs. 10,000 in 24 hrs as Hanuman was in a credit crunch. Of course this decision was greatly helped by my dissapointing 10th mark sheet. So she decided to eschew mainstream religion alogether and got all spiritual instead.

Mesmerised by a certain godman’s phallic extrusion antics, she decided to do the craziest thing a new convert to his brand of spirituality can do. She made her son join His college.

Part 2 – The part where I studied at Bangalore, but never knew it!


4 Responses to Engineering was my second choice – Part 1

  1. VK says:

    “above-average-but-far-from-spectacular marks” … Same pinch 🙂 Now you have inspired me to write a new post on mothers.

  2. haripi says:

    part 2..pleaseeee

  3. Sporadik says:

    Maybe it wasn’t Bangalore :p. Part 2. Please.

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