Whats with women and sun signs????

It shocks you when you first encounter it. A well read, progressive, liberal, open minded woman asks you what your sunsign is.  How the fuck does it matter woman? How does it matter where the Sun was when I was born?

And dont even get me started about the ‘horoscope’ columns in newspapers / news magazines. Everyone knows that anyone can write a horoscope prediction without knowing shit about the stars, sun, atronomy, astrology etc. 

In fact, let me try to write one off the cuff, just to prove a point. Here goes..

‘You will face many challenges today. Money is an important goal, and you will have help from your peers in achieving this. Your partner will remain distant, romantic involvements will cause tension’

See? Its like a piece of cake eaten during  a walk in the park!

Why dont these dumb things understand that there’s more to me than the position of the Sun on the day I was born. I demand to be treated like the complex, interesting individual I am.

In the immortal words of Sivaji, The Boss, VAANGA PAZHAGALAAM!!!


3 Responses to Whats with women and sun signs????

  1. Bhavi says:

    tOtaLLy AgRee!

  2. gp says:

    i share ur sentiments bro. what have become to this world. sigh.

    long live talaivar…Vanga Pazhagalam 😀

  3. Vijai says:

    Machi .. Linda Goodman is the person to blame … All girls between 13 and 19 will have a copy of Linda Goodman which they will read, understand, quote and torture others everyday.

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