Enaku oru doubt

Why dont our weddings have a Kasi yatra for the bride?


4 Responses to Enaku oru doubt

  1. netcraze says:

    adei! ni inum kelvi ketkaratha vidalaya! “Ennaku oru doubt” series inum thodarum pola!

  2. Vijaikrishna says:

    Asking too many kostins these days !!!

    ok .. According to the rules of my kollu paati’s kollu paati’s ellu paati’s days, only men are allowed to escape Illaram become hermits. So the logic of this Kasi Yathirai is that the groom goes to become a hermit, and the bride’s father stops him to say don’t become a hermit, accept my daughter’s hands.

    Traditionally, women are not allowed to escape Illaram and become thuravis and hence there is no Kasi Yathirai for women

  3. Vijay says:

    Why would anyone want to run away from a position of strength?

  4. krishashok says:

    Because no woman in the right frame of mind would want to go to that godforsaken cowdung filled place with a polluted river to do “higher studies” unless one is talking about “higher” in the context of opiates and other hallucinogens, which the sadhus there do fairly commonly

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