Why is politics called Arasiyal? The word literally means Science of King/Royalty. I always thought the government was the servant of the people. Naive me..


3 Responses to Arasiyal

  1. netcraze says:

    Arasu = government.
    Politics is the study of government of states and other political units (google),

    Government is of / by / for the people! (AL)

    Anna adhu ellam nadakuthanu teriyala…Arasiyala idhu ellam sadaranam appa (Mr.Goundamani)!

  2. scudie says:

    dei lets us assume your version is corect.. even then, how can politics be ‘science’ or ‘study’ of government?

  3. Vijai says:

    Arasiyal = Arasu + Iyal

    Arasu – Government. Close your eyes and think, you will associate Arasu with King, Ruler, CM, PM. Ruling etc etc

    Iyal – Among other meanings, it also means To be associated with or to be possible

    So, to be associated with Arasu or Arasu to be possible is Arasiyal

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