Obama – The Thing That Should Not Be?

Lazing around in bed for the past two days, with a viral fever, I have had lots of time to follow the final moments of the biggest marketing campaign ever – The 2008 US Presidential Election Campaign

America stands at a historic crossroads. Polling has started this morning, and in less than 24 hours, we will know who’ll helm the world’s most controversial democracy.  

This election has been different from previous ones in so many different ways, I have simply lost count. What seems obvious is that Barack Obama is almost being pushed into the Oval Office by a tide that seems to be moved not by one, but seven moons.

Americans are known for their knee jerk reactions (from Iraq, to electing Dubya the second time based on Osama’s threat). One wonders whether the vote for Obama is really a vote for him or just a vote against Bush. Does he really have the experience and the depth of knowledge needed to bring about this Change he is always talking about? Where was Obama 4 years ago? Who was he? What was he doing in Senate? Have the American people really accessed and analysed all the facts at their disposal before voting for this guy? 

Now I am not a Republican, and I vehemently oppose many of the GOP policies (I can happily oppose them from half a world away :D). But in their anxiousness to get rid of Bush, and in not wanting to appear racist, are the Americans putting a manufactured man into the White House?

In the absence of a sensible opposition,  will Obama’s absolute power corrupt hm absolutely?  

As one of my friends put it, lets be selfish and hope that whoever comes to power fixes the economy and makes sure industry stays profitable. India’s economic wellbeing seems to depend on it.


2 Responses to Obama – The Thing That Should Not Be?

  1. Vijaikrishna says:

    I hope you got to see the video of his acceptance speech. Did you see the number of people crying and celebrating his win ?

    This is because Obama is more than a man. He is a powerful idea whose time has come. Whether the idea is good for the world we need to wait and see.

    “In their anxiousness to get rid of Bush …” – Anyway Bush is going to step down after serving his second term in office. Senator McCain also looked like a tough nut to crack though the Republicans were weak, especially after they nominated the “lipstick pit bull” who was not so convincing in the debates.

    “..in not wanting to appear racist” – Are you being cynical here ? A different way of thought process though.

    I somehow feel the euphoria in the US similar to what it was when Rajiv Gandhi took over in India which I have heard and read about.

  2. scudie says:

    Did you see his first press conference? He sounded distinctly different and slightly more ‘presidential’. Especially when he talked about Iran having a nuke not being ‘acceptable’. Atleast to me, it was a mild shock. he could have put it more diplomatically..

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