Wake up and smell the rot

Yes, yet another enigmatic and stupid title!

It feels like  havent blogged in years, (months in actuality). With work pressures building up and no one to encourage me to write except myself, it has been a struggle to come back to the olde blog and put words into text box again.

Its a glorious Sunday morning, I woke up at 9. I always wake up at 9 nowadays, no matter how early I go to sleep or how late, always wake up at 9 AM. Of cours, there’s an alarm at 6. But I keep imagining it as a bell tolling while Kumbhakarna sleeps.

Brushed my teeth, drank the coffee. Where did we get this love for coffee? Not from the British certainly. Why does the north drink tea, while south swears by coffee? Coffee reminds me of the episode in How I Met Your Mother where Lily disposes of ol’ Shocky, the coffee maker whch gives Ted a shock every morning along with hot coffee. We stick on to certain articles, certain routines, certain people in life. These are the comforters of our life. They soften the passage of time. Time may be a great healer, but like tincture, it burns at first and soothes later.

Time. Its the stangest thing. Time moves without moving. Time makes things happen wthout doing. Time creates worlds, destroys them, and creates them again. Time is omnipotent! Almost feels like Time is God. I havent decided if God exists, but Time seems like a particularly good candidate.

I am sure, by now, you must be wondering why I am rambling away so much. Whats the point of the post? Whats the theme?

I am not sure this post has a theme. Its just words tumbling out of the mind of a guy in his late twenties, who’s fallen into a rut and can feel time go by without purpose.

So, you might ask, what are you gonna do about it old man?

I am going to a Blogger’s Meet.

Its not the sanest thing to do, but its all ‘ve got between me and a crash n burn on the freeway (i dont know of the Indian equivalent, even though I’ve never set foot outside of this lovely country)


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