The Movie Fish

Ah, I love it when the reader wonders what the title means. Makes people get off their ass and click through to the post in entirety.

So what indeed is the movie fish?

Many people are bitten by various bugs.

The photography bug (no Badri, you have rabies after being bitten by the photography dog :D), the western music bug (Vasu, both your guitars are gathering dust), the travel bug (not the Voyages or Discovery Travel &Living version) etc etc.

For me it was the movie bug. I watched movies like crazy till last year. Any language, any genre, anything that had moving pictures and sound was watchable.

(Reader: What the fcuk happened to the fish bro?)

Ok ok.. Since the new year, I havent watched a single movie. Not one. Zero. Zilch. The movie fish isnt biting. Am I to wait patiently like an angler? Or use the fevikwik (onnu, rendu, moonu,naalu, anju, hehehehehehe)? Its not that I have lost interest or gotten bored. I just stopped. For no reason whatsoever. It feels weird! But I dont feel like watching any movie. Hope my weight comes down because of this. I used to eat a lot of flavored butter popcon at Satyam..

Anyone out there who can drag me to a movie or two and break my untaken new year’s resolution?


4 Responses to The Movie Fish

  1. vasudha says:

    so why isnt that movie bug and movie fish?!

    ahh.. my guitars.. yes.. πŸ˜€ fond memories!

    what about all the gadgets you’ve bought over the years? try opening the dressing table drawer!

    a tiny fm radio operated with a watch cell that you probably used for a week! πŸ˜€

    and a cd player that quit workin after a month of not using it!

    and a flash mp3 player that you used for a month before losing!

    im sure you get the drift! πŸ™‚

    oh, this was about movies, wasnt it.. hmmm… maybe you should start watchin sitcoms instead.. how i met your mother totally rocks!

  2. Badri says:

    Its a movie fish or theater fish? I knw u saw Virumandi last week πŸ˜‰ This week we are bitten by travel bug…pack ur bag…let’s go ND!!

  3. raz says:

    voi ! πŸ™‚ ticket poda sonnathuku… podurennu yemathiniye… ithu than karanama? pavi!

    fish varuval supera irukum thambi

  4. haripi says:

    dei dog..onnume bug mathiri movie fishnnu solraiyya…appidinaa… soora mokkaiyana post… what happened to your creativity daa… [:)], machi i m sure u would have lost interest in going to movies after oru kallroyin kolai [:p]….

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