Evano Oruvan

I watched this movie about 10 days ago. Wrote it off as reactionary bullshit. Now I’ve changed my mind.

 The first thing that strikes you about the movie is the simple way Nishikant drags you into Sridhar Vasudevan’s life. In under a minute, you are as bored, as tied down to routine, as hopelessly middle class as the protagonist. Vatsala is so typical, so blatantly real, I can see my mom mouthing the same lines 10 years ago (of course, I didnt fail in three subjects).

Yes, like any other creator, Nishikant takes a lot of liberties with his characters, giving them extreme reactions to mundane things, that make people like me shudder to contemplate. But do these extreme steps serve their purpose? Does Nishikant drive home his message?

 Oh, is there a message, you ask. Good question! My best answer to that is, maybe there is. For me, Evano Oruvan just raised  a hell a lot of questions and provided no answers, except of course, the easiest one.

Is the answer to life’s scary questions that simple? Is it, as Sridhar tells the street artist, just greed?

The character of Inspector Vetrimaran is a personification of our conscience. He questions his own actions, then proceeds to tow the line and obey society’s rules. For me, the most powerful scene in the movie was the one where he asks his wife, ‘Do you think it is possible for us to live honestly and comfortably using the salary I get?’. She laughingly says ‘I dont think so..’

Ah yes, back to the topic. Does Nishikant drive home the message? I didnt get the message. Didnt understand. I can understand the protagonist of Katradhu Tamizh going berserk due to the perceived unfair treatment he receives. I cannot digest a bank employee doing the same thing. Maybe thats Nishikant’s message? Maybe he is trying to say, ‘listen society, if white collar people start becoming vigilantes, we will descend into anarchy’. No, that doesnt seem to be his message.

Ok so I wasnt able to glean a message from the movie. But I wasnt able to enjoy it either. We’ve seen too many vigilante movies for us to enjoy this kinda deglamorised flick.

Evano Oruvan = Anniyan minus Shankar

Ok, you say, no message, no fun, whats the point of the movie then? The point of the movie, gentle reader, is to raise questions. A lot of them. Answers are your problem!

Go find out what the questions of life are, watch Evano Oruvan.

No, the answer is not 42!


2 Responses to Evano Oruvan

  1. raz says:

    movie pakkuren… parthutu sollren… 😀

  2. sri says:

    Lot of sreedhar vasudevan escape to America. It is not heaven but I assume they dont encounter trouble in atleast the day to day issues which actually triggers sreedhar vasudevan.
    I also felt there lacked logic (could have probbaly better screenplay ). Unfortunately I tend to expect more logic in these types of movies as they are portrayed to be more realistic. I dont expect logic in crap movies as I watch those movies expecting only crap

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