We are like this only – Part II

I found this map on my friend Fever’s blog

Virginity Map

The list can be found here

Thats right, we are at the bottom, my fellow Indians!

Question: Now what does this mean?

Answer: A number of things..

1. Indian boys suck at getting girls to do it.

2. Indian girls are the most cunning in the world.

3. Indians lie a lot about sexual habits

4. Indian teenagers are more into oral and anal sex

5.  Indian teenagers are so scared of their parents going kung-fu on their ‘life’, that they actually wait far beyond legal age to get laid.

6. Our oh-so-sacred religious traditions are taken very seriously and people tend to remain virgins till they marry in early to late twenties.

Can you come up with some more possible explanations?


3 Responses to We are like this only – Part II

  1. raz says:

    well i think 19.5-20.5 is a v young age. they ve considered only the main metro’s to publish this result.

    the avg age in our country will be definitely much higher!

  2. scudie says:

    actually i think u r wrong Raz, girls get married earlier in villages..

  3. Mythreyee says:

    the explanations you’ve come up with are all perfectly fine. so what if this means all these things? nothing matters anyway. global trends are slicing through every country/society/culture. all the world’s gonna have a common statistic soon enough, when it comes to this…

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