Katradhu Tamizh – Society in denial

This is not a review. Tamizh M A deserves more than a review. It deserves a discussion. Please leave some thought provoking comments! 

Director Ram is clever. Very Clever. He is the kind of guy who gives you reality wrapped in a dream and then rips the dream away saying ‘Hey the dream was just a way to bring you out of Wonderland, Alice!’ And once the dream is ripped away, reality stands there. Stark naked, dirty, puss oozing from its sores. You want to run away, but you cant, because the this is not a dream. Its real and it cant be wished away.

 Halfway through the movie, I had already decided to go the normal review route. Everyone worth reading has commented that Tamizh M A (another clever ploy by the director, pointing out that the mastery of language needs to be qualified by a foreign standard in order to be accepted by society, tis unfortunate that it had to be changed for tax benefits) starts off as something different and interesting but degenerates into the usual psycho movie.

 Everyone worth reading is wrong.

Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen. Tamizh M A is not about Prabhakar (the protagonist). It is not about Anandhi (his lover). It is about the millions of people who are being left behind by a fast moving multiplex India which doesnt have time for its culture. It is a warning on celluloid. Growth better become inclusive. Else robbery and murder for a pair of shoes and sunglasses will become common (As told by Prabhakar to the cameraman he lures into filming his confession).

 Ram uses the psycho movie to send a much stronger message to modern India. But will it be heard? All the bad reviews about this movie reveal that Indian society lives in denial of the inequality that is starting to strain this country. When well read, intellectual reviewers fail to recognize the concept behind the ‘motive-less’ killings by the protagonist, it behoves amateur reviewers such as me to point out naked nature of the ruler.

 A much bandied about comment by reviewers has been that the director fails to clearly explain the motive behind Prabhakar’s 22 murders. Herein lies Ram’s brilliance. Using one scene and a couple of dialogues, he makes the entire storyline about the murders redundant. Essentially he tells the viewer, ‘He might have murdered 22 people, or just hallucinated that he did it, but thats not the point of this movie. The point is that these kinds of things are happening due to rising inequality and unhappiness of people who happen to follow their hearts rather than heads.’

 I wont be writing about the performances (awesome), the cinematography (i had to compensate for not blinking during the movie) and the music (yuvan IS the next raja). For me, the screenplay and direction were enough. Tamil cinema is ready for the world now.

A standing ovation to Ram. I await his next movie with bated breath.


4 Responses to Katradhu Tamizh – Society in denial

  1. Vijai says:

    Scudie boy .. innum padam paakala naan .. Good review thuogh

  2. G U R U says:

    I’ve heard a lot about this film(good though), yet to watch it. Your review has kindled more interest in me. Good one. Will watch it sometime soon and get back here 🙂

  3. naveen says:

    ah! finally a review that does justice to the movie. i found it amazing and a stunning commentary on india’s current social reality.

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