Suttaa Na Mila

I am a smoker. I do about half a pack of Gold Flake Kings Lights in a day. I enjoy my smoking! Some people say that they continue to smoke long after they stop enjoying it. I know all the health issues associated with smoking (asthma, emphysema, cancer etc etc) and I enjoy my smoking nevertheless because I dont see the point in living till I whither and wont die.

Why am I putting this on my blog? Because I had to introduce one of my favorite songs and realized that I could get my POV across in the same post. Here’s to all the smokers around the world.. Light up, guys and girls.. Life is short, have fun while you can!

The song is BC Sutta by a band called The Zeest.. (BC is the short form of the familiar Hindi swear word, and is liberally sprinkled all over the song, caution is advised if you are playing this loud)

6 Responses to Suttaa Na Mila

  1. My intention is not to sermonize…

    What I hate about those who smoke is that they kill not just themselves, but kill the others too. Of course, your justification could be that a lot of our actions affect others. But really, smoking is a lose-lose situation. So why do it?

  2. scudie says:

    Er are you referring to passive smoking? I, for one, dont smoke near other people, preferring to do so in solitude. I dont encourage other people to stand near me and inhale my secondhand smoke. If you are referring to pollution, dont even think about it. There are so many other worse forms of pollution that its not an argument.

    Why do it? Because I like doing it! I lke the smell of smoke, i like the high..

  3. raz says:

    good! continue smoking! teach badri also!

  4. scudie says:

    @ raz

    I wasnt asking for your approval.. I dont encourage other people smoking. In fact I tell them not to, especially teenagers, who are impressionable.

    Teach badri-a! Avan kitta naa thittu vaangirkeyn dum adichtu..

  5. Ponnarasi.K says:

    “Apart from the common risk factors such as genetics, occupation and prolonged use of two-wheelers along uneven roads, it was now known that smoking could accelerate the degeneration of the disc, said Dr Hee Hwan Tak, consultant, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of Singapore’s National University Hospital.”

    Mere coincidence!

  6. ya momma says:

    Nigga Nigga Nigga , I’m from COMPTON , city of G’z where they eat fried chicken and black eyed peas.!!!

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