Poor Tarun Vijay

I just came across this article on Rediff

Delhi fiddles while the northeast burns

I really pity the man who wrote that piece. For he doesnt ‘get’ India. India is not a geographical entity. India is an idea. Since time immemorial, Hindustan / Bharat / India  has stood for some really simple values. Tolerance, love, brotherhood and peace. Those who came to conquer India have become part of it.

I do believe that the Ramayana is based on true incidents. I may be ignorant, but the relationship between the monkey Hanuman (representing a less evolved ancestor of Homo Sapien perhaps?) and Rama (representing the evolved Homo Sapien who is the future of civilization) carries a deeper meaning for me, than is evident initially.

Aryans came, Chinese came, Greeks came, Alexander came, Turks came, Mughals came, Parsis came,  Westerners came. India is still standing.

The Roman civilization can only be studied in history textbooks. The British who conquered us are now American lackeys. Alexanders empire is now a thousand pieces. India is still here.

 Poor Tarun, misguided by his RSS ‘leaders’, he thinks some 75000 Bangladeshis coming to India is going to change India in some big way.

Wake up dickhead, your ideas are from a different century. The Nation State is dead


9 Responses to Poor Tarun Vijay

  1. gp says:

    well said. I personally believe India is more than a name, its our future. People will always question things, even more are those who live there itself. They are the most vocal, but they dont matter. What matters is that after all of us are gone, the country and world still stands.

  2. Naved Ahmad says:

    I think you have missed the point. I am an Assamese Muslim and living in Jorhat . i can understand the grave dangers Bangla Deshi infiltrators pose, tthough we belong to same religion the culture and everything else is very different. Its not just 75 thousand in Nagaland, more than 42 constituencies in Assam have become Bangladeshi dominated. You Delhi-Mumbai-Kolkata wallahs have no idea of India, just sing sogs and do business. Its difficult for you metrolpoitan high brows to undestand India is being shrunk . Have you ever lost a piece of land or your daughter by force ? If that have begun happening to Assamese its natural for them to get agitated. India is an idea, true, but India is also a geographic identity and have people of distinct culture. Why should you make joke of concerns re foreign invasion through infiltration? I am a Muslim yet understand why this infiltration is a big challenge to our existence, but sadly you guys live in your own make believe world.

  3. Allytude says:

    I would not say “poor” for Mr Vijay. He is a single-handed spewer of hate and dislike and nasty communal unindian feelings. He is the one person who makes me ashamed of being an Indian

  4. Vivek Shetty says:

    If you put salt in milk the milk breaks while if you put sugar in milk the milk becomes sweet. So it depends on whom you allow to come and stay in your nation. If USA allows Hindus to come and stay in USA you get the progress of Microsoft if you allow muslim Arabs to come and stay in USA you get september 11.

  5. Chad says:

    Response for Vivek Shetty.

    What in god’s name are you talking about. Stop being such a stereotype.

    Microsoft is not because of hindus or muslims. But due to hard working people from all over the place.

    I work at microsoft and I don’t see hndus or muslims. We also have arabs, russians and pakistanis who work equally hard to make microsft the best.

    Stop the hatred.

  6. Kumar Bhairav says:

    “India is not a geographical entity. India is an idea. Since time immemorial, Hindustan / Bharat / India has stood for some really simple values. Tolerance, love, brotherhood and peace.”

    What are you talking about? “Tolerance” of Aurangzeb or Ghazni or the Christian missionaries who ruthlessly converted Goa? Love and peace or the Naxals? Brotherhood of the Indian government official who demands a bribe to release a dead body from a mortuary? Where does the greed of our politicians fit in this list of virtues which you think India is? Do read your history and current events instead of living in a fools paradise.

    Those who conquered India lived here on their own terms. Yes, India might have mellowed them a bit, but generations of power has the affect of doing that anyway. However, the debauchery of some of our Rajahs is an eye-opener. So is the cruelty of some Nawabs. I recommend you read The Last Nizam. You will find how the conquerers killed off their entire families, not to talk of many others without any compunction. So did many of our own home-grown rulers.

    India is an Idea??? Whose Idea is it? In today’s world, India is an Idea in the sense that any other nation is an Idea. Before that we are a nation with geographical boundaries. Otherwise, let us disband our armed forces. Do not use words which may sound good but mean nothing.

    I am commenting only on your comment. I have not read the article you mention. However, calling someone you do not agree with, a dickhead, shows that you are still not mature enough to be taken seriously, and if India is your Idea, I want none of it. Aren’t you an Indian? If so, is this an example of the tolerance, love and brotherhood, which you live by?

    Grow up if you expect your views to be heard by thinking people.

    Coming to your comment about the symbolism of Ramayan. Ram is a symbol of the Spirit or Soul and Sita of the Body, which the soul is wedded to. Ravan symbolises the evil tendencies of the mind – you cannot kill them one at a time – cut off one head and another grows. Hanuman is the symbol of nature, which comes to the assistance of the Spirit in times of need. Think about it.


  7. Shivmani says:

    i think this article was worth shit.it was useless and all crap.i think he should have seen the reader comments that come up.not 100 people out of 150 be wrong? can they??

  8. poornima vartak says:

    I totally agree with kumar Bhairav.
    shame on this blogger

  9. Rachit says:

    Its obvious that all of those who commented this blog and blogger itself Love Bharatvarsh/ Hindustan/India. But its also obvious that all these started codemning and hating each other. U see some pattern here. This is the real problem of India. We are not united. We start with opposing the real culprit but soon we find ourself opposing each other. And this single webpage is enough to see that!

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