News Update.. Badri found!

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 The photo above was taken by a very vetti al-gaida aaprative. Badri is alive and well!  Reportedly, he is meeting with Osama to ask for his help in madakifying Wafah Dufour, the daughter of bin Laden’s half brother, Yeslam Binladin (pic below)


 It is rumored that Wafah was taken by Badri’s photography skills and said to him “..Accept me. I want to be embraced, because my values are like yours. And I’m here. I’m not hiding.”

Unfortunately then she found out that Badri is linked to her uncle, and ran away to America, where she completed her law degree and is now making a music album.


3 Responses to News Update.. Badri found!

  1. Raz says:

    adra adra adra! ithu thanaaa seithi….

    a little birdee told me that he was reject all the proposals he was getting for wedding lock.. ippa theriyuthu ennu!

    Badri , anna sollavee illaiye…. 🙂

  2. Subbu says:

    Yenna da ithu ?? Reminds me of non-stop nonsense on DD long ago…

  3. wats the deal with increasing Badri’s popularity? edhukku inda publicity stunt???

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