About the fate of this country.

When a school in the most literate state in India refused to admit HIV +ve children because the parents of other normal children were objecting, I lost my faith in teachers.

My teachers have made me what I am. They taught me compassion, they taught me concern for the differently abled, they taught me empathy.

The school mistress says she cannot take the HIV +ve children back because the other parents have stopped sending their children to school. These Communists in Kerala protest so many things, why not this discrimination? Why is the State Government silent? Oh thats right, this is the same government that denied responsibility for the bad conditions in the Sri Avittam Thirunal Hospital. The Health Minister (Sreemathi?) became a media celebrity overnight by refusing to resign over the fracas. 23 babies died. So what? We can make more. We are Indians after all.

The school could have taken a stand and told the parents to take their kids elsewhere. The local schools could have banded together and refused to admit kids from Mar Dionysius Primary School. No one is coming forward to help these poor kids. Where is the tolerance? Where is the love?


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