Quarter Pilot! aka Vasu has landed

Vasu lands

She’s still got a medical exam and flight training and DGCA exams to clear, but 25% of the journey is over! Seen above in the uniform of a Spicejet Cadet (its hers only, Rasukutty maadri illa!)

 En thangai pilot aaga poraa 🙂


2 Responses to Quarter Pilot! aka Vasu has landed

  1. Hi
    Just dropped by to catch up on your blog. I still do read it and have it on my “favorites” list. Sometimes I struggle with the language barrier, but I always ask if Im really confused. Drop in and say hi anytime, although I’m not a big fan of my own writing and find it quite boring 🙂

  2. Badrinath says:

    came to your blog through VKs was a junior of VK in Bharath Engg Coll and a Colleague at his X company

    This post attracted me since my younger bro too is trying to become a pilot , do drop in a mail i beleive i can get some help from you in making my bro a pilot. due to the unaffordability factor he is now doint his amesi but has cleared class 2 medical


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