Underwhelmed by the Bachelor of Social Service

Whats Next? MOSS – Master of Social Service? Yaaaaawnn…


7 Responses to Underwhelmed by the Bachelor of Social Service

  1. sn says:

    rajini’s gimmics…! forget it da… dont even want to talk about it!!!

  2. Bachelor of Literacy says:

    intha naAdhuley ‘vaDUmai innum oDiYehley’….very good Tamizh pronunciation..

  3. Badri says:

    U have been criticizing Sivaji from the day the audio got released. let forget the fact – the biggest movie ever made in India, and all they hypes given to it.I’m sure you could watch this movie for one professional director, who brings out his wild imagination into a film.First day show – bits of paper flying, the die hard fans shouting, whistle tearing your eardrum, thalaivar intro !

    are you gonna miss it?

  4. scudie says:

    i would be happy to miss it! nimmadhiya padam paaka mudiyaadhu da.. as a shankar movie, it might be watchable. watching a 60 year old man doing antics of people half his age is not my idea of fun

  5. Badri says:

    It wud be Magic Of Shankar’s Shivaji…wait and watch.I got ticket for the 2nd day!

  6. mythreyee says:

    hahaha… “baaas” it seems… oh man.. cant wait to come back to chennai and watch this comedy…

  7. gp says:

    after spending all that money…they come up with Bachelor of Social Service? WTF! For the whole year Boss was just Boss…leader stuff. Crap! Will watch it for Shankar…for trying…for the millionth time.

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