Crazy ideas!

In the impenetrable fog of all the megaserials that make up 99% of Tamil television, there is one show that is a ray of light bringing laughter to your lips and gladness to your heart. My favorite show in Tamil TV as of now, Crazyin Vidaadhu Sirippu.

Many have tried to fit slapstick comedy into the TV format and failed. Even the formidable S.Ve.Shekhar (whose plays i know by heart, btw!) couldn’t find the formula for success. Crazy can actually be considered a pioneer in the TV comedy genre in Tamil. Anyone remember the first version of Madhu-Cheenu on DD1? With Vidaadhu Sirippu, Crazy shows that he’s king when it comes to situational Tamil comedy and manages to evoke a series of laughs in every episode even with predictable jokes like ‘Inimey naa dada illa.. (pause for effect).. saadha’ etc.

But, over and above the laughs, Crazy manages to discuss important ideas that will probably the topic of hot public debate in the years to come. One important thread last week, for example, was the question ‘Do robots have rights like humans?’. This question is way ahead of our times. It’ll probably be debated publicly in 2050. Amazing!

A more down-to-earth, but equally progressive topic, being discussed this week, is surrogate motherhood, or Vaadagai Thaai as Crazy terms it. Common in the States, practiced for monetary and humanitarian reasons, this concept is very new and alien to the Tamil masses. Yet, as our population grows and becomes sterile (history shows that every population has certain periods when sterility becomes more norm than exception. Russia and Japan are two glaring examples), this will become a very real option for many mothers-to-be.

By bringing such a topic into the living room and encouraging discussion about it by couching it in humor, Crazy Mohan does our society a rare service.

Rock on, Crazy!


One Response to Crazy ideas!

  1. Nithya N says:

    absolutely. in the time when the dirty comedy tracks with cliched pun statements clog the movies and t shows, crazy is probably the only one still retaining some quality while manaing to bring spasms of laughter continuously.

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