Nerves, sound and ganja

It seems our nerves dont transmit electricity. Its sound, or so say some researchers in Copenhagen. They even created a whole new concept particle to explain the phenomenon! Here’s the news link. Sollave illa!

Have you been following the aftermath of the disrupted rave party outside Pune? It brings to light how lopsided and ignorant our drug policy is. Under Indian Law, ganja = heroin = phenylephrine hydrochloride. One needs to do some heavy research in order to understand why this is so stupid.

All you need to do is google marijuana effects research findings to find out that none of the effects that marijuana/ganja is supposed to have, is scientifically proven.

Lets have a drug policy that is based on extensive research, not Raj hangover prescriptions. Funnily, Britain has reclassified marijuana and made possession quasi-legal (that means no arrest for possession). Look what happened after they did that.

Cannabis is legal in Holland. It is sold in the coffee shops. Guess what the crime rate in Holland is? 1.8 homicides per 100,000 of population. Compare this to 8.2 homicides per 100,000 in the US and the case for making marijuana illegal begins to fall apart.

A suggestion from this humble blogger: Please legalize ganja. Its not even as addictive as tobacco, for gods sake! Legalizing the drug will take away the main allure of ganja – that its illegal (panna koodaadhu nu sollumbo dhaaney adha pannanum nu thonudhu!)

It can be taxed heavily and could be a huge source of revenue to the state. It can even be exported to Holland!

Idha ellaam sonna nammala paithyakaaran nu solraanga pa..


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