One huge step backward

How do you take a state into the middle ages? How do you make sure businesses dont enter your state? How do you take your state off the map for corporations worldwide? How do you make sure your sycophants get a slice of every major business deal that might happen  in the state in the future?

Make Tamil the language of the Madras High Court. Simple.

In one stroke, MK will destroy all the progress that Maran has made in his term in office. How will companies feel when they have to deal with scores of middlemen when dealing with the legal system? 

The legal system is THE most important factor in deciding  whether to do business in a particular location.

I am not saying TN has an amazing legal system when compared to
other states like Karnataka & Andhra, whom we compete with for every dollar of FDI. With the help of Maran (I’ve grudgingly begun to respect this guy) we have been succeeding. We have exactly the same system they do. Thats why this is such a huge step backward for TN.

In one fell swoop, TN will be relegated to a no-mans land for any corporation planning to enter India. Its a simple business decision, really. The extra expense of translating documents to & from Tamil while conducting business in TN can be avoided by going to Andhra, Kerala or Karnataka.

Hasnt anyone explained this to the senile old fool who claims to be single-handedly saving Tamil from the onslaught of globalization? Will he understand that the Tamil cause is better served by making TN an attractive investment destination for the world’s corporations?

Only time will tell.


3 Responses to One huge step backward

  1. vijaikrishnak says:

    Makkala munnera vida maatengaraanga pa .. Here in Bangalore everything is in Kannada. Autorickshaws make more business because of this. Linguistic Chauvinism will push us many step backwards.

  2. Siva says:

    Classic case of dying languages… Read another post similar to yours… However, it was about speaking @ the death bed! Check this out!!

  3. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Politicians are making money on the name of something.. Madam J took Cinema and Cine actors as the key and Dr. KK is using Tamil & Tamilians as the key.. But the notion is nothing but just making money.

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