I’m back!

Had a Microdiscectomy. Recovering slowly. Should be back to work next week. More substantial posts are forthcoming.


9 Responses to I’m back!

  1. hello to Anand! if thats really you .. it took some time for me to search you out as you no longer seem to to be updating Tamizhan or maybe iam out of touch. 🙂 i used to go by the name Sachin Nair and had a website xlle.com. If you do remember …

  2. Vijaikrishnak says:

    Machi .. Good that you are back .. How is your back now?

    Called you 5 mins back … May be u were sleeping …

  3. AM Aravind says:

    Welcome back to blogosphere! 😀

    Take care da!

  4. sn says:

    h r u da? take care

  5. Great!
    And substantial posts – avalaga edirpaarkkiren…

  6. sobee says:

    Hi scudiee,

    Welcome BACK !!! Get well soon.

    with regards

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