Disc Prolapse


A 22 year old call centre worker in Bangalore contracts back pain. Goes to the local doctor, gets pills. Pain subsides. The incident is forgotten.


A 24 year old call centre manager in Chennai contracts back pain. Goes to the doctor, gets pills. Pain Subsides. The incident is forgotten.


A 24 year old MBA student goes on a trip to Pondy. Strains his back while throwing his friends into the pool. Goes to the doctor, get pills. Pain subsides. The incident is forgotten.


A 25 year old manager at a financial services company gets back ache from sitting too long at the desk and driving a two wheeler. Goes to the doctor, gets pills.
Pain does not subside. Takes an Xray. Nothing is wrong. Goes for physiotherapy, doesnt help. Takes an MRI scan. He has a disc prolapse (one of the ‘washers’ between his vertebrae has slipped out and is pressing on spinal nerves). He has to have a microdiscotomy to fix the problem. Major surgery, requires 3 days bed rest.

Moral of the story: Sit straight in that chair!


4 Responses to Disc Prolapse

  1. Military says:

    Machi hows pain now. Hope you are ok, when is the operation, where are you getting operated. Gimme a mail, If I come towards chennai, I’ll come and meet you. Take care da.

  2. AM Aravind says:

    acho… take care dude!!

  3. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Take care! And dont worry u will be perfctly alrite in few days 🙂 Few of ma frends went thru all tht u have told and they are doing gr8 after the proper treatment! Trust me. after few days u wil forget this as well. CheerS! 🙂

  4. sn says:

    dei.. how are you? when is the operation? take care da!

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