I’m thinking about: How to close that 40 lakh home loan deal
I said: !@#$%^&**
I wish: for incessant rain
I hear: nothing
I wonder: why i am writing this tag
I regret: nothing
I am: at peace with myself
I dance: like crazy when the music is tamizh gaana and a couple of pegs are in me
I sing: in my mind, all the time.
I cry: for the most inconsequential, stupid things. But never for the life shattering events.
I’m not always: hungry 😀
I make with my hands: Damn. Nothing, actually. Damn.
I write: poetry, stories, this blog, but never anything consistently
I confuse: my customers :p
I need: to travel, a lot.

My thanks to Ponnarasi for having tagged me. Hope it gives you an insight into my mind (i think thats what its supposed to do).


One Response to Tag

  1. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Hahahah..Me me me 1st 2 comment 😀
    Thanku for writing the tag. I thought u wont. After taging got reminded tht u once have put in ur page pls dont tag me… Rite? 🙂
    Was a nice read. But u misunderstood they are to be written in a sentence i guess :)) Hehehe

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