Developing Global Brands, India Inc’s new challenge

I rarely write about things related to business, but a recent article in BusinessWeek highlights a basic weakness of the Indian business community that has been our stumbling block to achieving the status of an economic superpower. Here is a list of the ten top brands worldwide as ranked by BusinessWeek

1 Coca-Cola U.S.

Flagging appetite for soda has cut demand for Coke, but the beverage giant has a raft of new products in the pipeline that could reverse its recent slide.

2 Microsoft U.S.

Threats from Google and Apple haven’t yet offset the power of its Windows and Office monopolies.

3 IBM U.S.

Having off-loaded its low-profit PC business to Lenovo, IBM is marketing on the strategic level to corporate leaders.

4 GE U.S.

The brand Edison built has extended its reach from ovens to credit cards, and the “Ecomagination” push is making GE look like a protector of the planet.

5 Intel U.S.

Profits and market share weren’t the only things slammed by rival AMD. Intel’s brand value tumbled 9%, as it loss business from high-profile customers.

6 Nokia Finland

Fashionable designs and low-cost models for the developing world enabled the mobile phone maker to regain ground against competitors.

7 Toyota Japan

Toyota is closing in on GM to become the world’s biggest automaker. A slated 10% increase in U.S. sales this year will help even more.

8 Disney U.S.

New CEO Robert Iger expanded the brand by buying animation hit-maker Pixar and beefing up digital distribution of TV shows through the Internet and iPods.

9 McDonald’s U.S.

A new healthy-living marketing campaign—and the premium-priced sandwiches and salads that came with it—have led to a fourth year of sales gains.

10 Mercedes-Benz Germany

The new S-Class sedan and M-Class SUV are helping repair a tarnished quality reputation. High costs and weak margins will take longer to fix.

7 of the top 10 brands were born in the United States, and are known all over the world. No wonder the US has so much arm twisting muscle. Do you think any Indian brand has the potential to go global? Tell me!


5 Responses to Developing Global Brands, India Inc’s new challenge

  1. Anand says:

    nice post.. i have taken down a few points.. i am going to prepare a vadai speech on monday.. gotta session.. wanted something to start.. i ll use stuff from the post…

  2. AM Aravind says:

    the problem is, Indian goods are not considered to be of good quality… while doing a project on global foray of titan, i found the site of a UK watch dealer – in that site this is what it says on the page about titan:

    Dont have to worry about quality because the company is an indian company.. they are one of the biggest companies in india and known for quality.. they are also associated with tetley tea…

    Which means that, that “poor quality” image is strongly etched out!!

  3. Think Tata comes closest, but definitely nowhere close to the ten in BW’s list.

  4. Srinivas says:

    Vanakkam thalai…. Hey you are discounting the branding exercise undertaken by your alma mater :D! Hope you are enjoying work da.

  5. sn says:

    muniyaandi vilas…wat say?

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