Censorship in the Internet Era

Ignorant, thats what it is.

Blogspot and Typepad are blocked, but WordPress is not. Will someone please tell me the logic of this? What if terrorists decide to blog somewhere else, Yahoo 360, myspace, blogsome, etc etc etc..?

Will someone wise please stop the stupidity and return sanity to the Indian blogosphere?

Till then, the blog-starved will have to use sites like Pkblogs to access our favorite content.

Madurai was great, will not write about it in detail though. Didnt take any photos, in case you ask..

Take care now, Bbye then..


5 Responses to Censorship in the Internet Era

  1. Military says:

    Heights of Insanity .. shame on Indian Government

  2. gp says:

    stand together and fight this.

  3. Ponnarasi says:

    Hahaha…Ipdi open’a athukku pkblog try panlam’nu soliteenga 😉 apram yethukku avanunga ban paananga 😉

  4. AM Aravind says:

    Hey is it working in chennai? or marupadiyum problem-aA?
    I was in Chennai for weekend and blogspot blogs were working fine… but, back in bangalore- they are not working!! 😦

  5. sn says:

    dei what was the madurai trip all about…trust me da…when i meet you next time… gonna kill you…
    wat i read in the news is, the govt. had actually wanted 18 URL’s blocked and the people at ISP’s did this fabulous work.
    n_sendhilatyahoodotcom ku neeye oru mail pannu else u will have to face consequence…
    already section a groups le un topic ilaku aramchachu…

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