Named after a woman, now a preserve of men.

When a woman claims to have touched the feet of the idol of Ayyappa, claims to have gone where no women have gone before (alright, women between the ages 10 and 55), what is the role of the media in this issue?

Has the MSM forgotten how to report? Why does the issue have to be sensationalized? Would this issue make the national news channels if an actress were not involved?

How come no channel (not even NDTV) is airing a debate on why women should not be allowed into this temple?

Now, I am not a believer and I dont intend to argue the reasons behind the ban on women inside Sabarimala. Maybe, just maybe, the original reason behind the ban was that a woman committed treason and let enemies into the temple (temples have been sanctuaries for rulers on the run from invaders throughout history).

Should such a medieval rule, now made dogma with the help of a creative legend, be in place even in the 21st century? Shouldnt women be allowed to profess their faith, just like men?

No easy answers, I know. Maybe thats why the news channels are just airing Jayamala’s ‘apology’.


12 Responses to Sabarimala

  1. Aswin says:


    One reason (to my knowledge) for not allowing Women inside the sabarimalai temple is:

    Devotees have to undertake a 40 days vratham before going to Sabarimalai. This is impossible for women in the age group 10-55.



  2. Cmon Aswin.. Thats horseshit and you know it. Women are already in a state of vratham! they dont smoke, dont drink, many women dont eat non-veg. And many many women already have various vrathams for each day of the week. 40 days is nothing..

  3. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Too many versions of the story 🙂

  4. Aswin says:

    @ Thamizhan’s reply

    Hey dude,

    You didn’t get my point.

    You have to consider the point that Women undergo phases during the month during which they are not allowed to follow religiousness.

    Well, I didn’t want to be this blatant.


  5. @ Aswin

    thank you for clearing that up. This logic is even more stupid than the previous one. Phases during which they are not allowed to follow relegiousness??? I am sure you mean periods. During periods, women are not allowed inside places of worship. This rule is as medieval as the one discussed in the post. Do women become less faithful during the three days? The very natural mechanism that is key to propagating our species is considered impure, when in fact, women must be regarded as being visited by the gods during these three days and be treated with utmost care. Instead, thay are exiled from the house and made to stay in a hut (in some rural areas) where they suffer the pain silently.

  6. Well, it seems obvious to my thinking and the way I was raised within this culture, but that’s complete and utter bullshit. Women aren’t dirty; they give life through their “unclean” cycles. No matter the traditional religion, there’s always some bullcrap story about how a woman committed some heinous crime or act of debauchery or treason, and that is why she must suffer or refrain from doing what the men do. That is so transparent. It makes ME, for one, wonder what we did that was so mighty that the men feared us so. It must have been amazing if they had to make up stories to keep us out and uninvolved.

    In today’s world, and because I am fortunate enough to be a U.S. citizen, I won’t have any part of any organization that treats women as “less” or even “separate” in some way. I realize I am blessed to be able to make this decision. Now, Tamizhan, could you let me know a synopsis of this news story? I never saw it, as you point out.

  7. mythreyee says:

    hmmm.. the reason that you suppose seems too far-fetched actually.. i guess it has something to do with Ayyappa’s bachelor status but I dont see any women bein barred from enterin Hanuman shrines…. its pretty ridiculous, but so is everythin thats connected to religion, as far as im concerned…

  8. […] MSMமும் வலைப்பதிவர்களும் போட்டி போட்டுட்டு பெண்கள் சபரிமலைக்கு போவது சரியா தவறா, மீரா ஜாஸ்மினை அபராதம் செலுத்த் சொன்னது சரியான்னு விவாதிச்சு ஒரு முடிவுக்கு வரதுக்குள்ள இன்னோரு controversy கிளம்பிருச்சு. Today Allied News-United States (AN-US) reports that famous actress Sharon Stone admits to have entered and worshipped in a temple. The chief priest of the Therupuzhudhi Kozhaiadi temple in Madras, confirmed this and expressed great shock and disappointment at what had happened. He has since initiated purification rituals in the temple   […]

  9. Badri says:

    The temple is open to males of all age groups and to women who have either passed their fertility age and those before reaching the stage of puberty.

    So do that really mean all the male devotees (100 %) who undertake a 41 days strictly follow the austerities and regulations??

    Yaruppa iththa rulz ellam potathu? right vidu…

    Anbe Ayyappan!

  10. felicity of expression says:

    I agree with mythreyee strange enough we are allowed inside Hanuman temples and even Ganesha for that matter(who is still looking for a girl just like his mom!) but not inside Sabarimalai.
    Why this discrimination?? I didnt know abut this write up until I read ur blog.
    Sounds very stupid and outrageously ignorant. I know some temples in Kerala dont let you in with trousers or chudidhars..they are not considered authentic dresses for gods! now who made this BS up? I remember reading a story where Mahavishnu takes Naradha down to earth as he claims he is the best bhaktha of Vishnu, only to find out that he lost to a farmer who thinks of God just when he wakes up and when he goes to bed. Now the good lord himself hasnt made up any rules or regulations as to when and where and how and why should we worship him. He is gonna stand by us all the time no matter what .

    I have read that even the Gods considered their better halves equal so who cooked up all this BS on discriminating women??? Even abroad in the dark ages they used to burn women alive by labelling them witches. Salem in the US is a well known place for this massacre. Ok ok am rambling away…its just that this whole post opens vistas for a lot of controversial discussions.

  11. I’m just reminded of an ad that used to come after the 840 Samachar in the 80s – “Jayamala ke saath saath ek aur…” 🙂

  12. Shanawaz says:


    Shanawaz here. nyabagam irukka? SSN days? have been reading the shit u dole out for quite a while 😉 nice writing dude.. but please revert back to ur old template or put some other template. this one sucks

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