People Like Us.

Thats what its all about. Why do we have to always look for and favor people similar to us? Be it arranged marriage, love marriage, work interviews, even friends, there is this continuous urge to find people ‘similar’ to us and bias ourselves towards these so called similar people. Why?

And I am not talking only about the overtly intolerant extremists of various hues who should be on the fringes of society, but have become a force to be reckoned with in this crazy country.

I am talking about parents who wont send their kids to schools below their ‘status’, people who wont give loans to people who can pay them back but are not of the same community, people who only try to be pally with coworkers of the same caste. Seemingly normal, ordinary people in cosmopolitan cities who think of themselves as tolerant and broadminded, but who are just as narrow minded, and probably more so than the local BJP worker.

Why cant we understand that diverse experiences make for level headed, responsible citizens?


One Response to People Like Us.

  1. mythreyee says:

    hmmm…. a false sense of superiority has been drivin the world insane for aeons now. humans thinkin they r superior to other beasts, men thinkin they r superior to women, brahmins thinkin dey r superior to “shudras”, “whites” thinkin dey r superior to “blacks”… the list is endless. all humans r biased in sum way or the other, i think… narrow minded ppl choose THIS bias as 1 of the ways of makin themselves feel better about their impoverished existence.

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