Belated Information

I finished my MBA (ok, PGDM) here and am joining here tomorrow. Wish me luck!


14 Responses to Vilambaram

  1. Hrishi says:

    senior aappicer sir…all the beshtu…kalakkungo…

  2. Vignesh says:

    Hearty Congrtas mann

    — Vignesh

  3. Nidhi says:


    My best wishes for your future. Congrats, good to work in banks.


  4. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Hey thts cool! Congrats! Which branch????

  5. Badri says:

    how was the first day?

  6. prasadh says:

    That’s great !! All the best !!
    Keep posting !!

  7. sn says:

    congrats da… n how was the first day

  8. @ Everyone

    Romba dhanks!

    @ Pk

    Chennai Mount Road branch..

    @ Sn

    It was very different, i expected it to be boring with a lot of form filling. Turned out to be fun, with discussion abt market trends with our regional head, and meeting the entire staff (in 30 mins!).

  9. sn says:

    cool da… can u send me a blank mail

  10. Thamizhan,
    Thangal vazhkayin adutha kattam [kattangal] seppena vilanga enadhu vaazthukkal

  11. sai says:

    Congrats machi,kalakku

  12. @ Sn

    Dei do u mean frm office mail id? that is yet to be assigned..

    @ Bala

    Mikka nandri..

    @ sai

    thanks da!

  13. AM Aravind says:

    All the best!!! 🙂
    Konjam late thaan.. anyways… 🙂

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