A phenomenal movie. Winner of Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay Oscars.

Director Paul Haggis (Screenplay writer for Million Dollar Baby) scripts a taut thriller like movie based on racism in modern America. If you’ve seen Traffic or Syriana, you will appreciate the way the characters lives intertwine and bring out the ironies of the multicultural melting pot of the world, the US of A.

Don Cheadle produces and also has the role of a LAPD detective in a moral dilemma in Crash. Funnily the multitude of characters, Matt Dillon as the racist cop whose father is sick and being denied medical care by an HMO, Sandra Bullock as the paranoid wife of the DA who suspects all other races of conspiracy (she is justified, having had her car stolen at gun point by two black men), Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) as the District Attorney who is up for re-election and cannot alienate any votebank, enhance the impact of the story by getting under the skin of their characters and avoid the stereotyping trap that these kind of movies tend to fall into.

The beauty of the screenplay is that one cannot single out a single story or actor and say his/her performance was good, the stories are so beautifully and tragically enmeshed.

But I do have one gripe with the movie. The various races portrayed are Chinese, White, Black, Hispanic and Persian (not Arab). Funnily, there are no Indians in the movie! Is it because the story is set in LA and you cant find too many Indians there, or because the story depicts only the ‘lower middle class’ members of each race (the implication here being that Indians are doing pretty well for themselves in the States), we do not know. But I was waiting to see where an Indian would pop up, and they never did!

One scene i especially liked was where the Black director is asked by the White producer to change the lines of a Black character from ‘Dont you talk to me about that’ to ‘Dont you be talkin about that’ because ‘he’s supposed to talk black, buddy’. The subtle indication that media reinforces stereotypes was very sensitively conveyed.

In all, must watch!


One Response to Crash

  1. prasadh says:

    I came here after some time. The new skin looks just wonderful !! Awesome !! I have not seen a movie since I joined Great Lakes. U know the reasons.
    What happened to Hari Prashanth ? Has he moved his blog to somewhere else. I didn’t expect him to be this much silent….
    Happy blogging

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