Kokki came, Kokki killed, Kokki conquered.

I am left searching for words to describe the spectacle of reality and filminess that was Pudhupettai. Reality in all its glory, unwashed, unclean, hungry, bleeding, festering and crying out in pain, yet sufficiently commercialized to satiate the masses, Pudhupettai breaks new ground in Tamil cinema. Yes, I know the story is taken from a foreign language movie, but I honestly dont care.

I dont want to use cliches like amazing acting, super direction, rocking photography, sexy editing, excellent music etc. to describe the movie. Yet, something must be said, because i’ve noticed many of my readers have come to this blog using the search term Pudhupettai.

I am willing to stick my neck out and say that this is probably Selvaraghavan’s magnum opus. Where a lesser director could have stumbled (the story is NOT new, everyone has seen Nayagan), Selva shines, extracting some out-of-the-world acting from all his actors, especially Dhanush (yeah baby, he’s back alright!) and Sneha. Sneha doesnt have too much dialogue, but her eyes.. those eyes just talk to you.

I for one, went to the movie expecting a multitude of cliches, but there were so many unlikely plot twists in the first 30 minutes itself, I decided to stop trying to second guess the director and immersed myself in the experience.

The beauty of the movie is, no one scene remains etched in mind. Even as I sit writing this, I try to think of one scene that stands above the rest that could be worth mentioning, but i come up with a whole list of awesome scenes that I cannot choose between.

An epic movie, worth a second watch.


9 Responses to Pudhupettai

  1. Badri says:

    Scudie, the movie really runs at a slow pace..Pattiyal was far better! Selva raghavan has gone nuts (proved it again).I Was holding my patience to watch “Oru Naalil” song and get out of the cinema..crazy buggers, they missed it along wth so many things.Dhanush can happily sing…
    “Kathai mudiyum pokkil athai mudithu kolvom,
    marumurai parka venduma?”

  2. […] An epic movie, worth a second watch – Thamizan […]

  3. Anand raghu says:

    lets direct a movie called the kokki kokila..

  4. @ Badri

    Please.. Dont compare Pattiyal and Pudhupettai. Pattiyal was like a slice of life, showing the short lives of two gangsters. Pudhupettai works on a much larger canvas and tells many more stories revolving around Kokki Kumar. its much bigger da..

    @ anand

    Yaaru heroine? 😉

  5. I can sum up my reaction to Pudhupettai in one sentence: “If one movie like this can come out every year, Tamil cinema is heading towards glory.” Keep ’em coming, Selva!

  6. mythreyee says:

    i sure hope im involved in da “second watch” :-/

  7. Gp says:

    hemm….im taking ur word for it…it better b good!

  8. sn says:

    hmm…. too different statements frm u n pk…lemme watch the movie for myself…

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