Dude! The Brahmin is the new Dalit!

Francois Gautier (no, he doesnt make french furniture) has written a piece about brahmins becoming increasingly sidelined in a society full of reservations for the so-called ‘backward castes’.

The article can be found here.

While I strongly reject the idea of caste based reservation, I do feel that equal opportunities should be available to every student in this country, and in the absence of such equal opportunity, certain measures need to be taken to correct the imbalance. I wouldnt object to a system of, say, reservation for rural students. The average village boy/girl doesnt get the same exposure as an urban student. This imbalance needs to be corrected. But when the rich OBC student gets into a good college instead of a deserving poor brahmin student, that doesnt make much sense to me.

Will the brahmin community wake up, unite and become a votebank (this is the only way to get reservations, duh!)? Nah, I dont think so..


8 Responses to Dude! The Brahmin is the new Dalit!

  1. Badri says:

    do any other country have these kind of reservation policies?? just to know out of curiosity!

  2. gp says:

    true…nothing makes sense in this world nowadays….but if we made noise earlier then this problems could have been averted…

  3. sn says:

    that was a nice article… i think a lot of ppl have thought on these lines before!!!
    reservations need to be there…just that, i guess it should be determined based on different factors…eg per capita income…

  4. Scribblez says:

    Hiya…This issue has had no end of debate…Well as as suggestion which will be in the blogosphere only there was this smart proposal…Let their be an equal cut of mark for any reserved or non reserved seat…If they in an exodus or balance in one cateogory as not all the students met the cut off, let that be distributed equally….

    As the time goes, it is a disadvantage not be of the reserved section…But at the same time we have dalits and rural people who are not able to come up shoulder to shoulder with the society, reservation is not the only form of upliftment here. Reservation is a political vote bank in most cases.

    Nice post!

  5. Nidhi says:

    Hi Nice post and put up very differently.

    Thats very true, all OBCs and SC/ STs are not poor. They are gettting benefit just like that.

    “Will the brahmin community wake up, unite and become a votebank (this is the only way to get reservations, duh!)? Nah, I dont think so”

    That is the most brilliant idea I have ever heard of. Creative Thinking.


  6. @ Badri

    Good question! US has something afirmative action, dunno how it works.. South Africa has a good method too i heard.. Have to research both, maybe a post in the future..

    @ Gp


    @ fever


    @ Scribblez

    As time passes, the unreserved castes become oppressed and will require reservations! The wheel of time rotates..

    @ Nidhi

    You give me too much credit! Thanks..

  7. Sugandh says:

    hey, thats a nice post thr 🙂

  8. vj says:


    I have the answer to your problem from your comment.You said you support reservations for village based students.

    You thing all SC/ST/AdiDarviada students live in big cities.They live in very very backward villages where there are only government schools and the teachers never teach.So y

    Whereas all most of the brahmins live in big cities.They are just 3% of Indian population. There are more # of sc/sts than brahmins in India.

    How many SC/STs do u see in really good position.

    You should give them a chance in the form of reservation to bride the gap between brahmins even though they are not equally qualified as they are first generation scool/college goers.

    u cant expect the first generation college goers to top score at the level of brahmins as most brahmins are atleast high scool educated.

    As a memeber of a Forwared caste community form india, who never used any reservations and spent lakhs of rupees to get a BE,MS(USA) , i strongly support reservation as a tool to get something good for the backward classes.

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