Simply Scintillating!

I was never a great fan of R&B, used to listen to some Eminem (am not even sure if he can be classified as R&B) when he was the ‘in-thing’. I believe that rap cannot be appreciated if you dont connect with the composer on a cultural level. So, for example, gangsta rap with lines like

..I ain’t the one, the one that get played like a poop butt
See, I’m from the street
So I know what’s up
On these silly games that’s played by the women
I’m only happy when I’m going up in ’em
But ‘cha know I’m a menace to society
But girls in biker shorts are so fly to me
So I step to ’em
With aggression…

doesnt make much sense to a tambrahm from chennai! So when i had almost given up hope on getting to listen to some R&B without feeling total cultural disconnection, I stumbled upon

An amazing album by this Krishan guy.. Too bad he’s not getting any publicity anywhere. He does sound very Yuvan-ish, but then thats because Yuvan has become the single biggest channel for R&B to enter tamil mainstream music.

All I ask you is to try these songs once. I am sure you will fall in love with them, just like I did. If you want a pick from the album to try, its actually difficult for me to choose a favorite! Ninaivugalae would be a natural pick, and its acoustic version is twice as good..

The only jarring note in the entire album is the Kondaatam song. Its pure gaana, very reminiscent of the Dai song from Pattiyal. Sounds very weird in the middle of some very beautiful numbers..

For the romantic at heart, check out Kaadhal Kadidham, an anthemic love ballad with some awesome rap lines..

After a long time, an album I absolutely enjoyed in entirety! I am seriously contemplating buying the CD just to support the talent that is evinced by this guy, so you can imagine how good he is! Maybe when i start working.. Hmmm..


7 Responses to Simply Scintillating!

  1. Whoa! I am SO going to check out this album. Obviously, I won’t understand the language, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE rap and r&b, so I want to get into this! Cool!

  2. Badri says:

    Asian Avenue krishnan….i Know Ashok nagar avenue check out

  3. Gp says:

    heard about him recently…wonder if the album would come here…

  4. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Yeah saw in SS music… Gud one! Ithellam yaru ketta etho SS music’la namma oooru pullanga varumaaaaaaanu paakum pothu intha moonju vanthuthu 😉

    P.S: Template maathama oru 2 maasam irunga…. Paathudalam?????

  5. I don’t think you can call Eminem R & B. Rather, Rap/Hip-hop.
    BTW, have you seen the movie “8 Mile”?????

  6. @ ANS

    i dont think u’ll understand any of the lyrics.. but go ahead anyway!

    @ Badri

    dei dont remind me of that bugger..

    @ Gp

    Just download maadi!

    @ Pk

    the video sucks actually.. romba try pannirpaan western look kondu vara.. fulla washington DC la eduthurpaanga.. pathetic video.. but its an awesome song..

    PS template maathardhu ennoda kudi urimai! next week maathiduven..

    @ Bala

    Havent seen the movie.. Will download it this week and write a review 😀

  7. Ponnarasi.K says:

    Yeah, I felt he was over acting too… BTW template 2 month’kulla maatha koodathunu sattam potta I wil be very glad… Kudi urimayam kudi urimay… Hm varuthu varuthu antha law. Wait 😉

  8. IITian says:

    This Krishnan is from Srilanka.
    Check out the videos from the following link

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