Fanaa – Hype always works

I usually dont write music reviews because musical tastes differ. What I love someone else might despise. But this time a movie screams to be made an exception.. Fanaa, starring Aamir ‘socially responsible’ Khan and Kajol (Yes! She is back!), the promos showed a lot of promise (Its a Yash Chopra film, which either excites you or makes you wrinkle your nose as if you’re passing a garbage truck).

The movie is about a terrorist turned tour guide and a blind girl falling in love in Delhi. Some slides here.

I know what you are thinking, so lets get right back to the music, which is by those stalwarts of Bollywood romantic movies, Jatin-Lalit. Knowing the duo’s prolific history, I was expecting some good melodies and a catchy number or two. I am disappointed with how Fanaa has turned out. Even Prasoon Joshi who had us spellbound in RDB, disappoints.

Chand Sifarish (Shaan & KK)

Every Bollywood has a stock melody which is used in all situations. The pace is increased in happy scenes and slowed down in sad ones. Some electronic beats are added if required for a dance club scene and some folk drum sounds are added if a patriotic fighting sequence is on the cards. Chand Sifarish is this kind of song. Only, it would have been a good melody if it were not lifted from a tamizh song. Readers familiar with the song ‘Eyy kaiya vechikitu..Summa iru da’ will recognize the tune immediately. (Copy adikardha nalla paatu lendhu adikalaam la!)

Dekho Na (Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan)

A beautiful number. Sunidhi renders the lyrics in such a mellifluous voice, one immediately begins to picturise Kajol & Aamir walking through beautiful gardens and lush fields singing this song! Sonu Nigam fails to impress, though. The fact that Kajol’s character is blind adds a sweet sadness to the song.

Mere Haath Mein (Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, Aamir Khan, Kajol)

This one sounds like a continuation of Dekho Na but has been infused with some Arabic sounds to make it sound different. The lyrics are not worth talking about, but the lines spoken by the actors in the song make it worth a listen, especially Aamir (Roney dey aaj humko, Do aankhen sujhaaney dey, Baahon me leley aur khud ko bheeg jaaney dey. Hai jo seeney me qaid dariya, woh choot jaayega, hai itna dard ke tera daaman bheeg jaayega).

Fanaa For You (Chand Sifarish Club Mix)

A pure marketing gimmick, just to make sure the song is played in the club scene. Refer to Chand Sifarish above. DJ Aqeel does an average job.

Destroyed in Love (Instrumental)

Haunting song with some good rhythms. Borrows heavily from all the songs in the album. This is probably the BGM for the movie.

Des Rangila (Mahalakshmi Iyer)

Jingoistic horseshit. Borrows sounds from an Arabic track called Abdul Kadhariya.

Chanda Chamke

Musically limited children’s song. Yaaaaaawwnnn..


6 Responses to Fanaa – Hype always works

  1. Gp says:

    Tamilan u seem to be watching alot of Hindi movies…

  2. mythreyee says:

    da 1 thing dats highly annoyin abt da songs is dat da word FANAA can b heard in EVERY DAMN SONG of d album!!! heights! X-(

  3. Anand raghu says:

    mamma..para vettiya irruke pola….song by song review ezhudara…ada paavi… bad donkey goes to small wall….kodume kodume nu koil la poi ukkanda…anga rundu kodume jing jing nu aadithan…..

  4. I am intrigued by your artistic reviews of the movies you see. I am searching for some way to be able to see these movies (and hear the music) over here in the States. Do you know whether that is possible? Also, forgive my ignorance, but what characterizes a “Hindi” movie?

  5. Every now and then we come across a song we like very much and later come to know its been picked from somewhere else.

    Just stop bothering and enjoy the songs

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