Multiple Orgasms

Thats what Orkut means in Finnish!

In Turkish it means Holy Meeting Place (makes a lot more sense obviously). A lot of people come to Orkut hoping to get orkut 😀

Here’s a informative page on Wikipedia

On a separate note, Telegu is a dirty language, all words end in loo 😀


7 Responses to Multiple Orgasms

  1. Madhu says:

    Well, it means ‘holy meeting place’ in Turkish, right? Adha un post heading-a poda vendiyadhu dhane… Kevalavadhi.

  2. sn says:

    agrees with madhu mr.kevalavadhi

  3. Anand raghu says:

    oh my god!!! i spend at least 4 hours orkutting!!! now what does this mean in finnish…..

  4. AM Aravind says:

    LOL @ Madhu’s qn….
    answer pannunga thamizhan 😛

  5. @ Madhu

    I dont see anything wrong with having multiple orgasms!

    @ Aravind

    Quoting Mallika Sherawat, sex and Shahrukh sell da!

  6. SassyOne says:

    Hmmm I think I will head to an Orkut in hopes of having Orkut!

  7. WOW! lmao!! Language barriers and discrepancies can be hilarious. You know, I could see how the two are not very different in some aspects, huh?

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