Pithamagan to be remade!

Oh wait, Pattiyal has already been released.

Saw the movie finally with Badri, who by the way, was the one who realized that Pattiyal is totally inspired by Pithamagan.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Bharat does a Vikram. Arya comes nowhere close to Surya (pori urundai kuduthu figurea correct panra viddhai Suryaku mattum dhaan therium!). The bonding between the two is pretty good and holds up the movie.

Bharat has matured as an actor and shows great potential, especially in the scene where he stands on one side of a door and vents his feelings at Pooja who is on the other side. She cant see what he is miming (he is deaf and dumb). This scene alone is worth the ticket price!

The lesser said about Arya, the better. Is he going to become another Shyam (the voice makes the comparison inevitable)? Kaalam badhil sollum.

Tamil cinema cliches abound, heroine rape, brotherhood, betrayal, etc etc ad nauseam.

I loved the movie! But Vishnu Vardhan is no Mani Ratnam (sila blogs la indha buildup paatheyn. Marketing Strategy?) When a director cannot even try a different type of death mourning scene like Mani did in Nayakan (who can forget those heart wrenching cries?), he really doesnt deserve such accolades.

In essence, Vishnu Vardhan’s third movie is an honest effort which might fall short in a critics view, but makes for enjoyable cinema nonetheless.

PS: I hear Selvaraghavan doesn’t want to release Pudhupet now because it has too many similarities with Pattiyal. Maybe Vishnu and Selva got inspired by the same foreign language movie!


17 Responses to Pithamagan to be remade!

  1. netcraze says:

    The world of crime, gangsters and no Cops!

  2. mythreyee says:

    aaha! correct.. pithamagan.. ippo thaan enakum thonrathu.. aanaalum, intha heroes killings ellaam konja naal-la bore adichidum pola iruku. aanaa oonaa ellaarayum saavadichidaraanga.. juz like RDB.. oruthana kooda usuroda vida maatendraanga..

  3. Aryava uyiroda vitaa dhaan padam paapom nu mythreyee and gang Devi theatre munnaadi mariyal seyya poraanga..

  4. mythreyee says:

    hehehe.. kandipaaga, nichayamaaga! oru periya aarpaatam organize panrathaa irunkkom! aana avana usuroda kondu varuthaa irunthaa oru condition.. athaan main intha mariyal-laye.. avan shave pannanum! 😀 😀

  5. sn says:

    so u reckon its a one time see?

  6. netcraze says:

    Arya shave pannanum…Nala Korikai!

  7. @ Sn

    Definitely worth seeing once!

  8. sn says:

    man! read ur review n saw that movie.. my verdict its ok ok!!!

  9. Vijai says:

    This movie is a direct flick from Bangkok Dangerous. Need to wait and watch where Selva got his inspiration from 😀

    Neways, the movie was well presented and I liked it.

  10. Gp says:

    again…a foreign movie?! Cant they think of something generic…sad to say this movie was produced by geetha also…shucks major! And yes, Vishnu is no varadhan…some idiot bloggers always like to refer…genius are self made, not copycats. Selvaraghavan can wait till hell cools down…i think he can safely release his movie since about 50% of all tamil movies have similar stories at any time…

  11. Anand raghu says:

    aaaha yarukko special blogroll pannirukanga doi…….thaniya ennoda blog podaaradhu….manase varadhe….

  12. Aravind says:

    >>Maybe Vishnu and Selva got inspired by the same foreign language movie!

    Quite possible…. This is not new for Selvaraghavan… Kadhal kondein was a total rip from a german movie – School Picnic – Even the expressions and mannerisms that Dhanush was appreciated for, were copied…

  13. kutti says:

    Pattiyal was watchable!! oru thadava paarkalaam…. I particularly felt the climax was too much resemblin Pithamagan!!

    n as already said, it is an inspiration frm Bangkok Dangerous!!

  14. Badri says:

    Appo antha thani blogroll ni padikamatta…appadi thane??

  15. @ Anand & Badri

    No Comments!!

  16. kt says:

    Bharat is an amazing actor, do you know if he has his own website? or his email address?

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