Sucked into it

I am a not a tagger. I will never tag people and ask them to write stuff they may or may not want to write on their blog.

But hey, people change! Please notice the tag page on the left. It will always contain a tag. You can reply (is that the right word?) to the tag IF you want. Check it out regularly!


4 Responses to Sucked into it

  1. Gp says:

    sometimes when you dont have anything to write, tags are cool.

    I bought a 2nd hand Dune, havent read it yet…am reading the whole of the Foundation Universe by Asimov, Manifold and Xeelee saga by S.Baxter and the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. Finished the Rama series by Arthur C.

  2. Anand raghu says:

    tag nu sonna udane ennaku…pariche mudincha udane kudupanga paper kattarthukku…aana naa ore page than ezhudirupein….adunala idhu varikyum tag vanginathy kedaiyadhu

  3. I agree with Gp, it’s a good writer’s block tool to do a tag when you want to post something! Sorry I haven’t dropped by in awhile; I’ve been sick and busy, ugh. Things are well on their way now.

    I’m off to check out the posts I haven’t read. Just wanted to say hey and that I’m still reading you!

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