Tagged by Ponnarasi, again!

Ponnarasi is tagging me again and again. I am going to reverse tag you sometime, be warned 😀

So here goes! (I dont know why I’m doing this..)

Movies I would watch again and again

1. The Matrix
2. Forrest Gump
3. Spiderman
4. Any movie with Kamal Hassan in it.

TV shows I love watching

1. Seinfeld
2. Friends
3. Everybody Loves Raymond
4. Joey
5. Scrubs

My favorite foods

1. Pongal!
2. Chakkara Pongal 😀
3. Anything with cheese on it
4. Masala Dosai

My greatest victories

I have none worth writing about. When I have one, I’ll tell you all..

Things I hate

Bigots, people who judge others without as much as a thought, right-wingers, deeply religious people, religion in its commercial forms, pollution (and the effect it has on my face :D), hindi movies.

Great personalities i would like to dine with

Kamal Hassan (to understand why Marudhunaayagam was stalled), Vivek (to see if he is as funny in real life), Michael Crichton (to find out where he gets all his great scifi ideas from), Hitler (to ask him how the world would have been if he hadn’t committed suicide) and Her (she’s a great personality to me!)

Things I dream about often

Censored guys!


13 Responses to Tagged by Ponnarasi, again!

  1. Ponnarasi says:

    Neengha nallavara illa kettavara??? Cha sorry I meant.. “Neengha Thamizhana illa vellakaarana?”

  2. sn says:

    hmm…. u still haven’t said who that “she” is… unfair buddy.. but i reckon i have kind of figured out who it could be!!!

  3. AM Aravind says:

    “she’s a great personality”-aa?? yaen ipdi sudden-aa ice vekkira?

  4. @ Ponnarasi

    Tamizhanga ellaarum nallavangalum illa, vellaikaaranga ellaarum kettavangalum illa..

    @ sn

    You are quite the detective!

    @ aravind

    ice poda vendiya avasyam enaku illa!

  5. AM Aravind says:

    >>ice poda vendiya avasyam enaku illa!

    appo why ice podra?

  6. Suman says:

    machi…… i was under the imprerssion tht the reason for Marudhunaayagam being stalled is money??? do think otherwise???

    and btw who is “her”????

  7. Anand raghu says:

    “her” is a great personality because of the following reasons:

    – She has got full control over suddu
    -She can outsmart him anyday and suddu will keep his jaws wide open in awe
    -She likes suddu because he is very guddu and has promised her that he won’t give her ladoo……..

  8. sn says:

    rotfl anand….
    “she” is a blogger too???

  9. kutti says:

    Ponnarasi ungalayum tagging-aa?? anyway, nice tag buddy!!

  10. Sai says:

    congrats to “Her” but I think HW is underplaying so that She can be happy outsmarting him.

  11. @ anand

    Machan.. Ipdi kavukariye da 😀

    @ sn

    Detective velai ku clue kekara.. no no!

    @ kutti

    nanri hai..

    @ Suman

    In the current market scenario, if rajkamal productions goes public they will be able to collect enough money to make 3 marudhunaayagams! But knowing Kamal’s left leanings, he wont take that route.. Gotta quiz him on that!

    @ Sai

    Interesting.. :p

  12. Ponnarasi says:

    Naa onnu sonna neenga onnu purinjikireenga.. I meant all ur fav’s are westerns.. Hence asked u r a thamizhan or vellakaran???

  13. Madhu says:

    un list la food items mattum dhan local… (apart from kamalhassan, of course)!! hmmm…


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