Would India have been different?

The website Mission Netaji claims Subhas Chandra Bose did not die in a plane crash over Taiwan in 1945.

Some of the questions raised by the journalist team are valid. For example, why are the documents related to Netaji’s death still classified? Did he survive the crash (Indian Thatha style) and go on to live in the USSR, disowned and hunted by his own countrymen, only because his will to make India a strong nation by military means would have thrust the Congress out of power?

I dont know the answers. I dont believe the journalist team completely. But the questions they raise are very valid. GoI has a responsibility to tell its citizens the truth.

And what is really weird is how I cannot pull up WhoIs information for the Mission Netaji website. Weird..


15 Responses to Would India have been different?

  1. sn says:

    whois doesnot give info about lot of sites….
    try visiting http://www.hinduunity.com ….i think it is blocked…

  2. Anand raghu says:

    i think there are many theories and websites about great patriots disappearing and getting killed in air crafts..according to me, not knowing certain information is good for indian community at large…All leaders have a dark side and if that side is disclosed you would stop respecting them…just imagine how much can a man acheive by being honest and truthful….in other words you should know where u need to be honest/truthful……being a politician itself has an intrinsic risk…politics doesn’t go along with transparency…….

  3. prakash says:

    very interesting..

  4. AM Aravind says:

    There are lots of contraversies regarding Netaji’s life, not just about his death…
    When Netaji’s daughter gave an interview that she is indeed Netaji’s daughter, lots of bengali social organisations did not accept and protested !! They did not want to accept the fact that Netaji was married to a foreigner!

    And, i agree to Anand Raghu – It is better if some of these truths dont come out… my respect towards some of the freedom fighters was reduced after I saw The Legend of Baghat Singh, and then googled for more info!!!

  5. AM Aravind says:

    Hey.. u know what?? I was listening to music of Bose – The Forgotten Hero (by ARR, of course!!), when I opened ur blog and read this post!
    Strange coincidence!!!

    BTW, super cool template….idhaiyaavadhu maathaadha!

  6. Ponnarasi says:

    Ur blogpage appears in largest font. Wtsup. U got fedup trying with templates and now trying with different font sizes????
    You are tagged. Pls check out my blog to know more..

  7. Madhu says:

    Read the Wikipedia article about Netaji…?

  8. sn says:

    dei… this template looks good, idha konjum naal vechiko da

  9. Madhu says:

    you’re wasting your time, buddy! 🙂 you can as well talk to a wall.

  10. Rengaraman says:


    U r correct, still this issue is a mystery and i longed for netaji. these congress has made blunder mistakes in India.
    First time here…

  11. Hrishi says:

    Nobody except Netaji wld know da truth!!:D

    Most of the info abt his death are rumors!!

    so its your choice to BELEIVE IT OR NOT!!!

  12. Gp says:

    Bro…this is a great template…very very nice…did you do it urself? Man it looks cool.

    I’ve read a few articles on his mysterious death. What inspires me more is his life story of recruiting the army, coming to malaysia, burma and all. I think he would not have crashed but went to russia.

  13. @ sn

    the hindu unity site isnt blocked da. Crazy stuff there..

    @ Anand

    En comments liyum vanduu vada sudriye nanba..

    @ prakash

    Your blog is very different! Thou art blogrolled brother!

    @ Aravind

    Ennadhu you agree with anand-a?? Idhu enna group discussiona?
    And template maathardhu dhaan namma timepass, adha nirutha solriye!

    @ Ponnarasi

    Mikka nanri hai. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for excusing me from the tag. Watch out for a surprise!

  14. @ Madhu

    You are jealous of my height.. Adhaan wall oda comparison.. Paravaalla vidu..

    @ Rengaraman


    @ Hrishi

    Typical Microsoft answer. technically correct, practically useless!

    @ Gp

    Namakuu avlo talent yedhu? WordPress new template dhaan..

  15. AM Aravind says:

    >>Idhu enna group discussiona?

    LOL 😀

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