George Costanza on Mechanics

Well, of course they (mechanics) are trying to screw you. What do you think? That’s what they do. They can make up anything. Nobody knows. “By the way, you need a new Johnson rod in there.” “Oh, a Johnson rod. Yeah, well, you better put one of those on.”

I spent a thousand bucks getting my Activa fixed. 😦


9 Responses to George Costanza on Mechanics

  1. Anand raghu says:

    suddu learns it the hard way..i’ll tell u how?

    we were going on his activa to spencer plaza..i was enjoying my pinion ride…he turned back and said” machan u know something….i have never met with an accident on this activa…just before he completes his statement he realises that the octavia that was in front of us suddenly braked real hard….the activa bangs on the rear…i fly in the air and back to the seat…we are dumbstuck and did not know what to do…there were 2 mama’s busy on the other side..The activa’s fork( the most expensive piece got bent)…now u know why is so pissed off with the mechanics…mechanic ivanoda vandiya mattum illa…ivaneyum sethu bend eduthutan…Total expense 1000 rs…his family total damage………U tell me whose mistake is it……..

  2. Ponnarasi says:

    Hehehe..Tht was a very nice post. Top among all u have posted so far…

  3. AM Aravind says:

    hee hee… 🙂
    LOL @ Anand’s Comment 😀

  4. sn says:

    hey enna da achu? you ok??

  5. mythreyee says:

    i spent 250 for servicin tvs xl super.. 😀 veraluketha veekam, vandiku etha service 😀

  6. That sucks about your car. I hate it when that happens, and you can never predict it.

    Funny post though. I’m a big “Seinfeld” fan.

    I was feeling bad for not catching your blog recently, but I see you haven’t posted much since I was away. So we’re all caught up. Cool!

  7. mythreyee says:

    he was talkin about his bike, btw.. 🙂

    n sigh.. now i got my own experiences 2 talk about, when it comes to mechanics.. 😦 damned liars take the money from u 2 fill the tank n leave it empty.. had 2 go thru so much of trouble on da mornin of an xam.. 😦 sigh…

  8. Anand raghu says:


    nee petrol poda sonniya illa vera edhavadhu sonniya…..verum kathu than ga varudhu…..

  9. @ ANS

    Seinfeld rocks! All seinfeld fans of the world unite!

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