Is love just another form of ownership?

Isn’t it possible, for one person to love another without
trying to own each other? Or is that buried so deep in our genes that we can
never get it out? Territoriality. My wife. My friend. My lover..

From Ender – Part 3 – Xenocide, by Orson Scott Card


12 Responses to Is love just another form of ownership?

  1. anand raghu says:

    dei…enna da vennum unnaku…..oru maadhu and oru cup madhu…idhukku mela edhavadhu keta…mavane damage aayiduve….

  2. Hrishi says:

    romba feel pannaadha da.udra udra……….

  3. He who is not jealous is not in love – Unkown

  4. sN says:

    dai! enna achu unuku

  5. AM Aravind says:

    It is possible – only if everyone thinks so… otherwise, it leads to misunderstandings and problems in life

  6. Vinesh says:

    even if it starts off otherwise..
    possessiveness is something i have seen in every relationship of every person i know..

  7. Ponnarasi says:

    I guess owning and loving is a combo pack. You can\’t do one without the other. We can\’t own a person without loving or liking and we can\’t like a person without owning him 😉

    Have a nice day,

  8. Ponnarasi says:

    You are tagged 😉 Check out my blog for more info pls.

  9. @ Anand

    Adanga maata da neeyi!

    @ Hrishi

    Onakum vayasum pathaadhu, anubhavamum pathaadhu 😀

    @ Bala (Karthik)

    Definitely not true.

    @ Fever

    Just a messenger..

  10. @ Aravind

    What is possible?

    @ Vinesh

    You aint seen em all yet!

    @ Ponnarasi

    Combo pack ellaam illa. Supermarket philosophy, logicala illaye..

    BTW, tag post two in progress 😀

  11. I find this debate extremely intriguing in light of a recent breakup of mine. The ex would definitely say yes it is a combo pack. But with my current boyfriend, we do not presume to “own” or possess one another. We spend time together because we choose to. We love each other and to us, that means letting each live his/her own life and combine them in ways that are mutually beneficial. Who can say what’s right? Whatever works for both parties I suppose is what is right for them.

  12. AM Aravind says:

    Scudie, edho oru cranky mood-la ezhudhina comment.. free ya vidu 🙂 meaning ellaam kekaadha !!!!

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