So I buy these great looking shoes for a thousand rupees, go to R and ask him, machan epdi iruku pudhu shoe?

R: Hmm, nalla iruku da. Thousand rupees eh? Last week, me and my friend bought two shoes very similar to this. Mothama seythu thousand dhaan achu.

Me (Crestfallen): Oh ok.

Seriously what is with people who always belittle other people’s deal finding ability? Where is the fun in saying ‘oh you think you got a good deal? Guess what, your deal sucks! I got a better one’?

I call people who do this Smuggles. Thats like Muggles from Harry Potter, but the word is based on ‘smug’. A conversation between a normal person and a smuggle could be like this.

Normal Person:Hey check this out! I got this for free!

Smuggle: Oh free huh? The company actually paid me money to take a couple of these last week!

Normal Person (thinking): How would this guy look with a twisted neck?

I hate Smuggles.


13 Responses to Smuggles

  1. Badri says:

    have u tested all the templates…vera etchum vitu vechurukiya?

    @ smuggles, me to hate these kind of ppl.
    Appothigu Goundamani stylela oru lookvitu tensiona kurachika!

  2. Ponnarasi says:

    WordPress’ku nalla velambaram panreenga.. Ella template’kum vasool panidunga for having in ur blog 😉

    Hahaha…Unmaiya sonna kovam varumam. Apdiya? 😛
    Paavam they would have bargained and got for tht money 😉 Ungalukku pogachal….

    Have a nice day,

  3. sN says:

    hee hee! dontu worry da

  4. sN says:

    n hey! the prev template was cool though

  5. Madhu says:

    Acho! *hug* relax, my boy, your shoes do look good, trust me!

  6. Madhu says:

    And I’m tired of commenting about your templates… Epdiyum neeye rendu naal la mathiduva, so what’s the point in saying whether it’s good or not?

  7. anand raghu says:

    mappu….mappu….yaar andha rascal…nee sollu naa poi avanoda shoe tirupi olichi vechidarein…apparam seruppu illa ma road la alaichanna budhi varum avvanukku…….yaar andha “R”…

  8. I’m laughing! I hate those people too. I also hate the ones who ask how you are doing just so that they can skip over your answer and tell you some “exciting” thing about how THEY are doing.

  9. Madhu says:

    aha.. enne natpu… enne natpu.. pullarikudhu pa..

  10. @ Badri

    Goundamani look poradhu da, goundamani style la etti oru odhai..

    @ Ponnarasi

    WordPress is free. Vilambaram thevai illa.. So what if he bargained? Doesnt have to take away my happiness!

    @ Fever

    Endha template? :p

    @ Madhu

    Mikka nanri hai!

  11. @ Anand

    Machan, nenja nakkitputa po..

    @ ANS (I dont get why the abbreviation is funny)

    I hate those people too!

  12. sN says:

    err… u changed it again..!!!

  13. AM Aravind says:

    haa haa 🙂
    Me faced this prob too… And, I have been a smuggle sometimes … hee hee.. jus for fun 😉

    BTW, my Blogroll is not detecting when u update ur blog 😦
    adhanaala thaan me late to comment 😦 Any idea why??

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