Blogger Word Verification sucks

When Blogger introduced word verification to fight spam in August 2005, there was a mad rush to enable it and get ‘protected’. I am not saying it doesn’t work. I am saying it works a little too well and prevents genuine bloggers from commenting.

My usual issue with Word Verification is when it tells me to type in a set of letters and I do exactly as it asks and click submit, it comes right back and asks me to do it again! Goddamnit !@#$%^&*! When you try 5 times to post a simple comment, you kinda lose the enthu to post that comment.

And whats with the looong letter sets anyway? Stuff like this..


I like WordPress’ system better (It is the same as Haloscan). It makes the user responsible for his/her comment by making the email address field compulsory and also noting the IP address of the commenter (thats right, i know where you guys are :D). Also in the fight is Akismet, a system which uses multiple (more than a dozen) factors to decide the ‘spamminess’ of a comment.

Akismet is far from perfect (It caught 5 ‘spam’ comments for me till date and all of them were genuine :D). But hey, its a step towards more intelligent spam fighting systems.

Why cant Blogger just go the WordPress way instead of that stupid Word Verification system that doesnt work half the time?


8 Responses to Blogger Word Verification sucks

  1. AM Aravind says:

    I think the spams have stopped now.. It is quite some time since I have removed word verification…
    But, ya.. agree with u…. getting the name and url is a better option

  2. Sassy One says:

    So you know where I am then? lol The word verification is frustrating at times…but occasionally you get something funny spelled out like “oddgote”…
    By the way…if you want to send tix to Madras to get me a tan, you feel free! I need a place that can guarantee me that!

  3. @ Aravind

    Stopped eh? Blogger is getting better at it..

    @ Sassy

    Sure I do 🙂 Your ISP is Rogers Cable 😀

    Unfortunately the last person who tried to get a tan here got so badly sunburnt everyone thought she was from the Carribean!

  4. sN says:

    novaama nongu parika mudiyuma??

  5. mythreyee says:

    well, wat if da person provides a useless mail id or a false 1? n wat if he/she is connectin via a proxy? he/she can always mask his ip address. and might realy take the pains to do so coz he/she’s spammin. then ur wonderful Akismet, wich thinks even genuine comments r spam, wun b able 2 do much, wud it?

    not like word verification’s gr8. its pretty irritatin. but still.. i dun agree wid u dat wordpress is usin a foolproof anti-spammin method.

  6. mythreyee says:

    n who da hell said email field is compulsory?! i aint enterin mine 4 ne of ur comments!!!!

  7. @ Fever

    Idhula nungu edhu? Yaar novanum?

    @ Myth

    Tch Tch. You dont understand, do you? This way of spam blocking is not about blocking individual commenters. WordPress has comment moderation for that. Its abt people taking responsibility for what they say in comments. I totally agree that spambots would find it much easier to spam wordpress commenting system, if it were not for akismet. You see, akismet doesnt just operate at the individual level, it operates at the server level, blocking suspect proxies and IP addresses. Of course, we dont see it at work, so its hard to believe. But the lack of spam comments should make it pretty obvious.

    I opted not to make email compulsory, btw. Didnt want to inconvenience my readers.

  8. sN says:

    n hey! the word verification is for stopping automatic spamming, not anonymous spamming.
    there is no point in getting the mailId and the IPADRESS. The mail id field can always be coded with some junk address… word verification is still needed to stop auto-spamming codes…

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