This is what I have been doing everyday for the past two weeks..

Step 1: Wake up at 10 AM.
Step 2: Drink coffee and read paper.
Step 3: Put on Led Zep or some other band whose music you dont have to really listen to intently.
Step 4: Check mail.
Step 5: Chat with other vetti people.
Step 6: Check own blog and everyone else in blogroll.
Step 7: Goto Step 4.

To cure this dangerous addiction, I am escaping to the Telegu hinterland for a couple of days. Kalahasti here I come!


13 Responses to De-Addiction

  1. AM Aravind says:

    daily template change panradha paarthe, nee evlo vettiya irukka nu purinjikkarom 😉

  2. time to change your name… wittyvetti
    enna solra

  3. interfer-on says:

    If ye go to goltland (andra pradesh)

    Step 1: Wake up at 10 AM.
    Step 2: Drink coffee and read Eeenadu paper.
    Step 3: Put on Mahesh babu’s movie songs or some other aatalu n paatalu.
    Step 4: Check mail incl. da photos from
    Step 5: Chat with other vetti people about da relatives in oosa.
    Step 6: Check own blog and everyone else in blogroll.
    Step 7: Goto Step 4.

    Just for fun………pretty cool schedule. ;))

  4. ammu says:

    ha ha ha ..

    nice one

    first time here

  5. Hi!

    I wanted to let you know that I changed my blog to this new name (I used to be Effin Nobody), because of an unfortunate event. Please visit me there and change your link to this one if you wish to put me on there.

    Talk soon,

  6. Ponnarasi says:

    Hi Thamizhan,
    Daily template change panna, yaro pudusa orutharoda blog padikira mari irukku… :> Nalla schedule. U mean u r going to Andhra?? Boss tamizhan’u blogtitle mattum vechuktu Tamil paatu ellam kekka matingalo??? Just kidding.

    PS: If am vetti I wud’nt have told 2 any1 as such :)) U r too good to do tht 😛

    Have a nice day,

  7. Badri says:

    someone save “Kalahasti”

  8. Where is this place you are escaping to? Is it a vacation? Sorry, I know I am hideously ignorant about my world. I’m afraid that’s how we grow up and get educated in the USA sometimes. But I’m hoping to learn from my online friends like you.

    Have fun, but don’t be a stranger, as I like to say…

  9. Hrishi says:

    have a nice time da…..super template da…..

  10. scudie says:

    Hey guys! Just got back into town and decided to say hi.

    @ Aintneverscared

    Dunno what happened to your old blog, but the new one is added to my blogroll!

    @ Aravind

    Theriyudhu la? Aduthu varudhu paar.. Oru sirukadhai ezhuditten!

    @ VkPedia

    Trust me, its not as idyllic as you think it is 🙂

    @ interfer-on

    LOL. (Un) fortunately the place I went to has no Internet, no newspaper (my dad refuses to buy it :D) and 5 hours of power failure everyday. it was fun!

    @ Ponnarasi

    Hello idhellaam too muchu. vetti payyan nu othan blog ezhudum bodhu naa vetti nu announce panna enna thappu? 😀

  11. scudie says:

    @ Fever

    Haripi bloga padichtu ennanavo solra neeyi..

    @ ammu

    welgum welgum

    @ Badri

    No what the hell does that mean? Onna…

    @ Hrishi

    Nanri hai!

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