God? Animal? Half of Both?


A still from Marudhunaayagam, the magnum opus that was never made. More details here


5 Responses to God? Animal? Half of Both?

  1. military says:

    amazing pic machi … btw when did you get google analytics … how is it … yet to get an invite

  2. scudie says:

    Dei I didnt get Google Analytics! I think WordPress uses it by default for stats collection (counter is integrated in wordpress, no separate counter needed)

  3. mythreyee says:

    gosh!!!! scary!!!! 😮 im keepin my fingers crossed abt marudhanaayagam tho. hope kamal finds enuff money SUMDAY (i dun care how much later… mebbe even 10 yrs) 2 get da movie in2 theatres… 😦

  4. Ponnarasi says:

    Halo yennathu ithellam??? Ipdiya bayamurthurathu? :O Neengathan model’amey 😉 apdiya???

    Have a nice day,

  5. scudie says:

    @ Ponnarasi

    Ennadhu naa modela? :)) Joke of the millinium.. :)) hayyo hayyo..

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