Why is it that despite our ‘high morals’, India has one of the highest rape occurrences in the world? Why, in spite of the fact that 40% of our citizens live BPL, is our population density the highest in the world?

I believe its because Indians are the most sexually repressed people on this planet. A hypocritical society that thrusts its morals on its youth, expecting them to follow moral codes that were written centuries ago forces the virile but repressed men of this country to relieve their sexual desires in the most horrible of ways.

More open discussions about sex may serve as a detour and lead to a more open environment where the youth of India can afford to express themselves openly and peacefully.

My small contribution..Effin Nobody has a post on Blowjobs. If you are offended by that kind of writing, please don’t click on the link.


11 Responses to Why?

  1. Badri says:

    The act of rape is the most monstrous crimes.The punishment should also be very painful. So that others fear the crime.

    “thandanaigal athigamana than thappugal kurayum”

  2. Ponnarasi says:

    Yetho periya pullangallam pesikireenga…;)

  3. Hrishi says:

    dei orkutla ‘new developments…’ posta padichadhunala indha maadhiri oru postaa??

  4. WA says:

    Oh here I go repeating myself, in my view harsher crimes aren’t going to neccesarily stop the crime. More importantly we need to change our attitude towards the victims. For heavensake how often do the women get blamed for this heinous act. I even saw an email a little while ago on the girl who was murdered in Bangalore recently, as to how she was dressed etc etc. Pathetic

  5. Effin Nobody says:

    Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. That’s really cool. Yes, these heinous things happen everywhere, but I have read a whole lot about the stuff that happens in India. There is NEVER an excuse for rape. NEVER. I actually got date-raped once when I was drunk. Yes, I did a dumb thing and put myself in a bad position, but still no one had the right to harm me like that.

    Of course, I can’t understand the language of most of the comments on here, but I welcome frank discussion of these topics. I don’t know enough to argue one way or another that Indians are the most sexually repressed people, but I can believe it. Here in the USA, we preach open-mindedness and liberalism to a higher degree than other countries, but still, there is an what we call a Puritanical trend toward thinking of sex. Like, I know a whole bunch of people even in my country would be offended by the blow jobs entry. But I write what I want to. I thank my god for that right.

  6. scudie says:

    @ Badri

    I think its ‘Dhandanaigal kadumai aana dhaan thappukal korayum’ πŸ˜€

    @ Ponnarasi


    @ Hrishi

    Sort of da..

  7. scudie says:

    @ WA

    Absolutely! I think societal pressure on the victims is part of the problem. I am talking about dealing with the same problem from a different angle, thats all.

    @ Effin

    Welcome to my blog! A couple of things that struck me.. Date rape is not comon in India. Thats because the concept of dating hasnt taken off in India yet. About the language barrier, nothing we can do about it unfortunately. The comments are in Tamil but typed in English (because it is difficult to use the tamil script in text boxes).

    BTW, the first comment says ‘only if punishments are made harsher, will crime decrease’.

    I must say that in the US, the separation between church and state is narrowing and if rational people dont speak up and get themselves heard, soon there wont be much of a difference between SA (Saudi Arabia) and the USA.

    Freedom of speech rocks!

  8. Ponnarasi says:

    Changed template? This one coool..It looks very profesnal πŸ˜‰

    Have a nice day,

  9. Effin Nobody says:

    Yep, I couldn’t agree more. The separation in the USA between church and state, and the perception of our Constitution’s stated right to practice whatever religion one wishes, is blurring. It’s all gotten very ugly and frightening under our current President. In my opinion, he is a humiliation to this country. Many of the things that he has done and people he’s put into power have brought deplorable results for US citizens and for the world. I try my best at every opportunity to maintain my right to practice my religion and to retain my freedom of expression.

    I hope by the time we have another election, he has not done too much damage. And I hope someone liberal runs for President next, and WINS.

  10. Effin Nobody says:

    PS…thank you for giving me a little lesson in your other language. I am trying to understand based upon your translation of the first comment. I’m really good at languages. This is a great forum in my opinion for me to learn something new and hear about other cultures. I love it. I hope you get something out of visiting my blog as well.

  11. Badri says:

    @ Effin Nobody…

    the other language was in “Tamil” πŸ™‚
    one of my favorite dialogue from a great comedy actor named Vivek !

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