Rang De Basanti

I know its late for this, but I have thought a lot about the movie in the past 2 days (saw it at Ega on Wednesday). Caution! Spoilers ahead..

In a line, Rang De Basanti is a movie that aspires to inspire. But is that enough? What is it about cinema that every filmmaker thinks he or she can actually make people get off their asses and go do whatever he thinks is right?

What makes Rakesh Mehra think people will actually think about the issues he has tried to present in this movie? I doubt very much that getting a message across wasn’t his top priority.

Some things I liked about the movie.. Amazing score by ARR, some superb cinematography and editing, very realistic costumes, painstaking attention to detail, some really good performances by actors who seem to have become their characters and last but not the least, Alice Patton’s hindi (she’s good!). The bonding and friendship scenes are especially good (read realistic).

Some things that irked me about the movie.. The way Madhavan’s scenes are set up so they can be used when he dies (thats right, he’s a MiG pilot and we know these things crash all the time). You actually realize during these scenes that Maddy is going to die, that just spoiled the movie for me. Siddharth is shown smoking Marlboros in every other scene. And his character comes out real heroic in the end. Lets allow a normal teenager to connect these two things. Karan (Siddarth) is a chain smoker who turns out to be the hero. Add to this the fact that he is Bhagat Singh in Sue’s (Alice Patton) documentary. Hmmm, smoking doesn’t seem that bad now, does it?

And why do all the guys have to die in the end? What deeper meaning is Mehra conveying? That India lacks manhood? Ridiculous ending, really.

And dont even get me started about the Hindu extremist sub story that he tries to plant within the movie. He doesn’t know jack shit about the hindu extremist movement! But neither do I.. Hey thats what blogging is about I guess, no information necessary, just have a strong opinion šŸ˜€


10 Responses to Rang De Basanti

  1. Madhu says:

    Hmmm… enna comment panradhu theriyalaye… Pesama nee enna RDB kootitu po, padam pathutu vandhu I’ll comment on this post.

  2. scudie says:

    @ madhu

    Enaku ok.. ‘He’ kochika maataara?

  3. Madhu says:

    ‘He’ won’t mind but un ‘Vaazhkaila lots of shes’ irukangale.. won’t they mind?

  4. scudie says:

    @ madhu

    I simply cannot answer the question for that many girls.. I’ll send you my address book and you can ask them yourself :p

  5. Vijai says:

    Pesaama nee Adhi poirukalaam …

  6. netcraze says:

    adangappa….rousu thangalada sami…

  7. mythreyee says:

    how da hell r u connectin india lackin manhood n all da guys dyin 4 wat dey believe is a gud cause?! dey dont die coz dey cant defend emselves.. dey feel gud abt admittin deir crime in public n dey r waitin 4 da consequences, widout knowin dey r trapped.. nothin dat dey can do.. n dey dont find it a sad thing 2 die coz da world knows wat dey r dyin 4 (seri seri, atleast dose who wer listenin 2 AIR n watchin da news)…

  8. Ponnarasi says:

    Tht was a nice review… Aadhi :> Yaru athu:)) Aaathi ellam oru padam. Documentary’na kooda documentary’ku kevalam….:p
    BTW, you already posted abt RDB songs…rembr? Yenna romba involve ayteenga with the movie? :))

    Have a nice day,

  9. Effin Nobody says:


    I’ve never heard of this movie. What is the main theme or issues the filmmaker is trying to thrust upon the audience? Do you know whether it’s available here in the U.S.?

    BTW, don’t know whether you saw it on my blog, but thanks for the kind words you wrote to me. A good partner by your side certainly helps! I sure do wish I had a beach on which to walk off my negative thoughts.

    I seem to be the only English commenter here. That’s rare for me, obviously, lol. The only other language I speak is Spanish, alas.

  10. scudie says:

    Hey effin

    The movie has been released in the US. Check out this article.

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