Internet Explorer 7 – First Look

The first public beta of IE7 is out for testing. Am unable to install it on my home computer for piracy reasons :D, but the image below confirms my worst fears (refer this post)

Image Hosted by

Note the placement of the Forward/Back buttons and the Search bar, en exact replica of how Safari (or for that matter Mozilla or Opera) looks. Note the tabbed window and the Firefox RSS icon.

The glaring point here is the name of the application. Note that its not Microsoft IE anymore, but Windows IE! This clever move lets Microsoft integrate IE into Windows without fear of antitrust lawsuits.

A screenshot of how safari looks. (my bookmarks are blacked out)

Image Hosted by


7 Responses to Internet Explorer 7 – First Look

  1. AM Aravind says:

    I tried it!!!!
    Somehow it’s not as sleek and fast as Firefox (FF Rocks!!!!)
    IE7 tends to be more sluggish while opening new tabs. It’ll be really really long (or will take forever!) for me to overcome my strong feelings against IE and start using IE-7…

  2. Vijai says:


    You beat me on this post. Just while I was composing one on IE 7, ur post was there. Now am not goin to post abt IE 7.

    I was wondering why MS did not give a tabbed browser. IE 7 looks neat. I loved the applelike view that is available when the Quick Tab menu is clicked.

    Am goin to use this for some time.

  3. scudie says:

    @ Aravind

    Somehow, FF doesnt rock as much on OS X. Dont know why 😦

    @ Vijai

    We are all vetti in life! The powerpoint like slides view is neat..

  4. Hey dude!
    I am still not convinced of you jumping to wordpress…

  5. military says:

    machi I installed IE7 the first time it was released as beta 3 months back .. it screwed up my official comp to the core .. I took a resolution of never looking back at it .. do yu think FF can compare with Safari .. I’m just waiting to install MacOSX on my PC 😉 a PC version should soon be ready

  6. scudie says:

    @ fever

    Maapu! Welgum to wordpress.. In one word, its SEXY!

    @ military

    mundrikottai maadri ooruku munnaadi install panna apdi dhaan! Aana office compla install panna paaru, anga dhaan nee nikkara 😀

    BTW, I already installed OS X on my Celeron 2.4 Ghz Home PC. It was nowhere close to usable. So ipodhikku andha nenaipa vittudu!

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