Blogroll is active!

Finally! Had to manually add all the links 😦 But the deed is done now. Phew!


22 Responses to Blogroll is active!

  1. She says:

    the blog looks good…! but why move outta blogger?

  2. scudie says:

    @ She

    Who are you? 😀 I moved because blogger got boring.. And wordpress features are attractive.. Categories, pages, file upload etc etc.

  3. She says:

    Who are you na ketta? you asked who i am…? enna pathu yaar na ketta… enna pathu yaar na ketta…. enna pathu yaar na ketta….

  4. scudie says:

    Vaazhkaila lots of shes… which she are you? 😀

  5. She says:

    Bye bye, Mister.

  6. She says:

    seri seri, pozhachu po.

  7. mythreyee says:

    luks gr8! n shiftin all yer prev posts frm blogspot – real neat!

  8. Madhu says:

    Your ‘Main Blog’ link is not working…

    The template looks pretty cool, la? And it’s got an option to import all previous posts from blogger… hmmm… me’s tempted too! 🙂

  9. Madhu says:

    Btw, it just struck me… Why doesn’t your main page have links to previous posts? And where are the archives??

  10. scudie says:

    @ Vasu

    Neat alrite.. but u cannot edit the template..

    @ Madhu

    The Main Blog link is to the category, which is the main page 😀 ts not only all the previous posts, but also all their comments!

    And the other stuff you are asking about is not in the template 😦 lets see what chnges can be done.. Am still experimenting!

  11. Madhu says:

    Pazhaya template-e nalla irundhudhu… Enakku idhu pidikala!

  12. Madhu says:

    Waahh… I wish blogger had ‘Categories’ too.. 😦

  13. scudie says:

    @ Madhu

    er idhu ennoda blog? Enaku indha template romba likeu…

    categories oda full power innum enaku puriyala…

  14. Madhu says:

    Oru comment panni reply panradhukulla veroru template pottudara… kashtam!

  15. Madhu says:

    I beg you, please, change this ‘banana smoothie’ (or watever it’s called) template… I swear I’ll take you off my blogroll if you keep this for 2 more minutes.

  16. Madhu says:

    Tatz better. Avlo bayam irukattum.

  17. Madhu says:

    So you go back to the template that I don’t like… hmph!

  18. Vijai says:

    Neat da … I am looking fwd to blogspot comiing up with categories. I think they had it before .. Aana cannot edit templates naala wordpress ku gau.

  19. mythreyee says:

    i liked dat green template dat i saw in d afternoon… dun like dis 1 much…

  20. AM Aravind says:

    me thought me will shift to wordpress… but Template edit panna mudiyaadha? appo me no shift!

  21. Ponnarasi says:

    Hi Thamizhan,
    OC’la kuduthalum kuduthanunga… Yella site’layum member agida vendiyadhu :))
    Y shiftd here? Any specific reason or..???

    Have a nice day,

  22. Ponnarasi says:

    BTW, each and every time…Am manually adding my favourite bloggers 😦 I didnt get what and how to do in blogroll :))

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