Leveling the playing field

This post is to level the playing field. Refer Ponnarasi’s post

The management claims that no worker in the shipyard suffers from Asbestosis (as alleged by Greenpeace). The article can be found here.

The matter is still open to speculation and debate I guess.


4 Responses to Leveling the playing field

  1. kanniya says:

    well … what do i say @ the end of the day its all abt money and the level of risk u wanna take to make it urs …

    to add more … if we hads cleaned up our mess why wold any one wanna dump sometin onto us ? what goes around comes around but shit stays ^^

  2. Tamizhan says:

    @ kanniya

    shit stays… hmmm… 🙂

    btw, if u want people to take a survey, please give a proper link!

  3. has any management accepted their fault???

  4. kanniya says:

    Being a Management grad i can throw a lil more light into it the first rule is the SYSTEM is always right … but nottin in the system works right … so never blame the system jus junk it and get a new one or live with it ^^

    its a cruel world aint it … relax forget n ave the fun …. as neo said in matrix … its all in what u think (~_^)

    @ T… am jus puttin in ma views .. i may b rong and it might jus b junk … errr… what i am tryin to say is … i am not sure :XD

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